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About Mikey and Mia Food

About Mikey and Mia Food

Posted by Mikey and Mia Parrot Food, Shelby Parrot Food, on 22/1/2024

Mikey and Mia food was created by Macaw YouTube stars Mikey, Mia and Shelby and their owners Nimal, Claire and Carlie. They all have thousands of followers on social media and wanted to create the best foods for our feathered friends.

The Flower Power Plus is filled with vitamins and minerals.

The Super Sprouts can help to improve feather condition and the Simple Sprouts has seven different seeds and beans.

The Budget Beaks is an affordable and nutritious mix.

The Freeze Dried Flockers is full of natural fruit.

The Calming Seed Mix is a 500g bag and helps your Parrot relax.

The Mikey and Mia Dry Mix in a 150g, 700g or 350g bag helps keep mealtimes interesting. Shelby’s is in a 350g, 700g or 150g bag.

The Spicy Seed Mix gives mealtimes a kick.

The Very Veggie Food is packed with nutrition.

The Nature Blast Smoothie has freeze-dried ingredients and the Green Cleanse Smoothie has green vegetables like kale.

The Petite Beaks has dried ingredients cut into smaller pieces.

Mikey and Mia: Nutritious Parrot food