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About Harrisons

About Harrisons

Posted by Organic Parrot Food, Harrisons Parrot Food, High Potency Coarse Food, Top Brands, Harrisons Superfine, Palmgloss on 22/1/2024

Dr Greg Harrison developed Harrison’s in the mid 1980’s. He only used Organic ingredients in his products, that have been certified by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture.)


Dr Harrison has worked with animals all his life. He grew up in a farming community in Iowa and then earned a degree in Veterinary Medicine. He opened a small veterinary practice in Florida, before moving onto working in a zoo and small animal park as a consultant.

Greg owned over 150 Parrots and wanted to develop a better diet for them. Together with other avian vets he created the very first Organic complete food for Parrots. Dr Harrison remains the main developer of the products and uses his 30+ years of experience to produce the finest food for Parrots. Greg believes the most important thing owners can do for their Parrots is to feed them properly.

Harrison’s Complete Food

The complete foods provide your Parrot with balanced nutrition. This means your bird doesn’t need to eat anything else whilst on the diet. Harrison’s food contains no artificial preservatives. Before changing a bird’s diet though, we recommend you seek the advice of an avian vet.

The Harrison’s High Potency Coarse Food is available in a 1lb, 5lb and 25lb bag. The ingredients are all whole grain and are suitable for human consumption. High potency food should by owners during stressful periods in your bird’s life, such as wearing, illness and breeding.

It could also be used as the main diet for African Greys and Large Macaws because of their increased nutritional requirements.


The High Potency Fine Food is better suited to smaller Parrot species with additional nutritional requirements, perhaps when undergoing difficult times like moulting and ill health. Again all the ingredients are whole grain and 100% Organic. Ready to buy in a 1lb or 5lb bag.

The High Potency Super Fine 1lb Food is finely grained pellets for small Parrots that are suffering ill health, are rearing chicks and have other extra nutritional requirements. It is the smallest nugget size available.


The Adult Lifetime Coarse Food could be a staple diet for most Parrots and Parrot like birds (aside from African Greys and Large Macaws who require the high potency diet.
This is available in a 1lb, 5lb and 25lb bag.

The Adult Lifetime Fine Food is suitable for most small to medium Parrots. Free from all artificial pesticides, fertilisers and preservatives, like all Harrison’s foods, the fine pellets are whole grain and are fit for human consumption. Available in a 1lb or 5lb bag.

Super Fine

The Adult Lifetime Super Fine Food is the smallest nugget size we offer, so ideal for smaller birds like Lovebirds and Budgies. The fine pellets are all nutritionally complete and Organic. This is a 1lb bag.

If your Parrot wants some extra spice in their diet try the Pepper Lifetime Coarse. The fiery hot recipe could be the standard maintenance diet for many Parrot species. High Potency may be better for Greys and Large Macaws. This comes in a 1lb or 5lb bag.

The High Potency Pepper Fine is a 454g bag.

High Potency Mash is also smaller pellets.

Harrison’s Treats

The Harrison’s Power Treats, available in a 1lb bag, is versatile since it can be moistened or served dry, be either cold or warm and can even be crushed. They are perfect as a conversion tool for spoiled or stubborn birds or Parrots that need an energy boost.

The Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix means you can bake some bread for your Parrot. All you need to add to the Organic mix is egg, oil and water and then heat it in the oven.

This delicious food is available in Original and Omega flavours, so lots of choice and flavour for your bird.


They have a multitude of uses, including a foraging reward, helping your Parrot transition to a formulated diet and liquid medicines can be hidden inside them. It can be moistened and is a healthy treat for most Parrots.

Palmgloss is perfect for spreading over your Parrot’s existing food and is an excellent source of Vitamins A, E and other nutrients.

Harrison’s: The world’s first 100% Organic complete Parrot food.