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About Hagen

About Hagen

Posted by Hagen Parrot Food, Parrot Seed, Budgie Seed, Seed Mix, Hagen Hari, Parakeet Seed on 19/1/2024

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Hagen was started in 1955 by Rolf C Hagen. Since then they have been committed to creating products that improve the health and welfare of pets.

The UK office of Hagen was launched in 1982 and the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) three years later in 1985. The Institute has cared for dozens of Parrot species in that time under the supervision of Psittacine Aviculturist Mark Hagen.

HARI’s other goal is to conduct research into Parrot nutrition. All the foods Hagen sell are
approved by HARI.

Hagen provide gourmet seed diets and complete diets that give your Parrot many of the nutrients they need for good health and overall wellbeing. They also manufacture Parrot toys and accessories.

Hagen Seed

The 908g Living World Premium Budgie Seed (although it’s also suitable for Lovebirds) is a special gourmet formula containing grains, vegetables, fruits and oilseeds that have been supplemented with egg granules.

Despite its name Hagen Gourmet Cockatiel Seed Mix is suitable for other similar sized birds like Small Conures and Budgies. It is a blend of fruits, vegetables and egg granules, basically all the goodness a bird needs to stay healthy. This is a 1.13kg packet.

Small Parrot

Hagen Gourmet Small Parrot Seed combines first class seeds, fruits such as pineapple and coconut and vegetables like split peas and corn so that your Parrot gets all the goodness they need for superb overall wellbeing. Medium sized Parrots are going to enjoy tucking into the 2kg bag.

The Gourmet Parakeet Seed Mix, for Budgies, is in a 1kg bag. Every ingredient, such as premium seeds, various fruits, vegetables and egg granules, are personally selected so that your Budgie has everything they need to stay fit and healthy.

There is one for Finches too.

Hagen Hari

The Hagen Hari range has been developed by the Hagen Avicultural Research Centre, who carry out extensive research into Parrot nutrition. They are trusted by vets and Parrot owners alike.

Hagen Hari Tropimix Small Parrot Mix is available as a 1.8kg bag. The 100% edible enrichment food contains a wide variety of human grade ingredients so your bird receives optimum nutrition.

The Large Parrot Food Mix is also available in a 1.8kg bag, as well as a 9.07kg one. The huge choice of ingredients keeps your bird in excellent health and improve their overall wellbeing.


Tropican Lifetime Granules are suitable for most Parrot species for birds of all ages. It has lots of sources of protein, naturally sourced omega acids and calcium. These help your Parrot to maintain bright, vibrant feathers.

he Cockatiel Lifetime Granules gives your smaller Parrot all the nutrition they require in their daily diet too.

There are also High Performance Sticks, Granules, Biscuits and Lifetime Sticks.

Hand Feed

This food is a nice follow on from Hagen Hari’s Hand Feeding Formula. This supports baby birds up to fledgling age. It’s high in calories, vitamins, minerals and all the other nutrients that your Parrot needs to flourish.

On a similar note are a natural transition from the hand feeding formula too and have balanced calcium and Vitamin D for egg production, omega fatty acids for healthy brain, heart and muscles and amino acids for feather development.

The Tropimix Lovebird & Cockatiel Food Mix is ideal for smaller Parrots. It can be used as a base food or as an enrichment food and served dry or moistened, it’s that versatile. This 100% edible food keeps your bird in excellent health.

The Cockatiel and Parrot High Performance Granules again have the high levels of nutrition all Parrots need.

The 30g Mineral Supplement keeps your bird in good health.

Hagen: Giving Parrots the highest quality food, toys and accessories.