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About Birdie Bangles

About Birdie Bangles

Posted by About Birdie Bangles, Chewable Parrot Toys, Parrot Pipes, Shreddable Parrot Toys on 19/1/2024

Birdie Bangles are amongst the most versatile of toys you can buy for your Parrot, because they can be used in so many different ways.

Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes can be used as foot toys, a toy making part, a shreddable toy, a chewable toy or a combination of each.

They are a family run business. The company only uses clean and unused cardboard and then builds the toys using non-toxic glue. Each toy is specially built and is brightly coloured to attract your Parrot’s attention.

Numbers in each pack vary, so you need never run out of stock and always have plenty on hand for your Parrot to play with.

Birdie Bangles

Each Birdie Bangle or Parrot Pipe is either small, large or giant size to ensure as many birds as possible can enjoy them.

Birdie Bangles are tightly rolled layers of cardboard with a tough outer layer that’s a vivid colour, making them a lot of fun to play with and keep your bird entertained for longer, stopping birdie boredom setting in.

Your Parrot can keep their beak trim by chewing on the bangles, or get exercise as they play by carrying the bangles in their feet and using it as a foot toy.

For even more amusement attach the bangles to your bird’s cage, play stand or existing toys and give your Parrot new textures to explore. Attach small strips of material to the bangle, creating a personalised chewable toy for your bird.

Birdie Bangles easily fit over perches too.

Parrot Pipes

Parrot Pipes work in a similar way. These fasten onto your bird’s cage using quicklinks and rope.

Your Parrot can move the pipes around with their beak and nails and use them as a foot toy, keep their beak healthy and trim by chewing on the pipes and ensure their nails stay short by shredding the toy.

Fasten the pipes to other toys or use them as a toy-making part to create a toy bespoke to your bird.

These are available in a small or large size.


There are three sizes of Polly Pipe hideaway available, jumbo, medium and large. Each offers a safe place for your Parrot to rest out of view. Thread rope or chain through the hole to securely attach it to your bird’s cage.

Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes: Exciting chewable and shreddable Parrot toys.