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About Bird Street Bistro

About Bird Street Bistro

Posted by Parrot Food you can cook, Frozen Parrot Food, Bird Street Bistro, Organic Parrot Food on 19/1/2024

Find out more about Bird Street Bistro.

Bird Street Bistro is delicious food you can cook in under 15 minutes. Each bag has enough to make 10 batches. You can freeze it once prepared for a week and retain the taste etc.

The food is suitable for all Parrots and is quick and easy to prepare.

The selection of flavours are AppleBerry, Hearty Veggies, Bean Bistro, Tropical, Viva La Veggies, Cajun Bean, Cinnaspice Delight and Southern Feast.

The food has been created with vets and other avian experts and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

All the foods contain air dried savoury and healthy spices, natural dried fruits, organic wholegrains and vegetables, nutritious, low fat seeds

  • Includes carrots, which are high in vitamins
  • Kelp, that supports feathers
  • Pepper, which keeps heart and blood healthy
  • Mango, which supports eye health.
  • Cinnamon, that lowers blood sugar
  • Kelp – high in iodine which helps feather condition
  • Basil – that has useful vitamins and minerals

The food is Organic and made in America.

Each flavour has its own set of benefits – more info can be found here.