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About Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic

Birch Heath is recognised as one of the best equipped surgeries in the country. It treats raptors, Parrots, cage and aviary birds as well as a whole host of other exotic animals.

Many of you may have met Michael Stanford as he held regular consultations at our old premises in Ramsbottom.

We are very proud to have a long standing relationship with Michael Stanford and the team at his clinic.

Birch Heath


 Michael’s experience with cage and aviary birds is extensive, and his work with Parrots was the driving force to develop the exotic side of the practise. On site there is a laboratory.  This means immediate and meaningful pathology results can be given, vital to the success in treating our feathered friends.
Michael developed the first dedicated Parrot ward, with positive pressure ventilation to prevent cross infection of disease. His work on diets with African Greys is internationally known. He has confirmed that Parrots are healthier when fed on a formulated diet rather than traditional seed mixes.
Plus Michael produced the seminal work demonstrating the requirements for UVB, which he was awarded the prestigious William Hunting Award by the British Veterinary Association.

Contact details

Birch Heath has all the facilities, knowledge and know-how to ensure your pet is more than just well cared for. For a warm welcome from a whole team who care, get in touch with Birch Heath using the details below…
Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic
Birch Heath Road
Tel: 01829 733 777
Fax: 01829 733 923

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Birch Heath

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