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About Aviator

About Aviator

Posted by About Aviator, Top Brands, Parrot Flight, Parrot Harnesses on 19/1/2024

Learn more about Aviator Parrot harnesses.


Parrot owners have been teaching their bird to fly with Aviator Harnesses since Steve Hartman created them in 1984.

Steve is the founder of The Parrot University, which develops new husbandry practices and educates avian experts in the pet industry. The Parrot University have built their own laboratory to research avian medicine. They have also travelled to Asia and Central and Southern America to learn more about Parrots in the wild and why flying is vital to the mental and physical health of companion Parrots.

Flying helps your Parrot feel healthier, become more active, increase their self-confidence, boosts their intelligence and may even make them more sociable. The harnesses come with a 40 minute instructional DVD so you can see exactly how the harness works.

Parrot Harnesses

The Aviator harness means your bird can learn to fly safely without the risk of them escaping. They all have an elasticated waist for extra security.

It’s easy to fit the harness. All you need to do is slide the harness over your bird’s head, lift your bird’s wing over the loop and tighten the belt. There aren’t any clips or buckles in the harness, only the self-adjusting lead that slides from the chest to the back as your Parrot climbs and turns.


Aviator Harnesses come in 7 sizes, mini, petite, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large so there’s a size to fit every bird. You can choose from a selection of colours for the harness too (blue, black, red, green, pink, purple, or silver) so lots of choice for you.

Flight Lines

The other item produced by Aviator is the Flight Line, that allows your Parrot to fly without restrictions in an area as small as 30×30 feet, up to 50×80 feet. It has lightweight elastic cording so your bird has a safe flight, whilst helping to encourage proper flight behaviours during free flight training.

Your Parrot can spread their wings even further with the Elastic Leash Extension for the Mini harness and all the other sizes.

Northern Parrots are the sole UK importer of Aviator harnesses, ensuring a consistent supply.

Aviator: Safe, secure harnesses and flight lines so Parrots can fly safely.