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About Arcadia

About Arcadia

Posted by About Arcadia, Top Parrot Brands, UV Lighting, Bird Lamps on 19/1/2024

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It has been known for some time that regular direct sunlight is very beneficial to your bird’s health.


Unless birds are kept in an aviary, this can be very difficult to achieve. Arcadia have specially designed bird lamp to reproduce the levels of UV light contained in natural sunlight that normal domestic lights just cannot do.

The correct lighting can make an enormous difference to your bird’s health, appearance, appetite and breeding behaviour. Try one today so your bird can see as nature intended.

What do we mean by full spectrum light?

By full spectrum, we mean a balanced light output across the full spectrum, including the UV segment. Many modern tubes have three peaks of energy that match the three colours that our eyes perceive. Thus the tube’s effective output is maximised to the human eye, and the tube will appear very bright. These peaks do not necessarily match the avian eye, and there would be no UV present.

The Importance of UV to your bird

A bird kept inside may well be deprived of UV light. Sunlight passing through a window would have had most of its UV filtered out. In addition, normal domestic light sources do not emit UV. Thus, there is a definite need to add UV light, and the Arcadia Bird Lamp range offers this.

Birds’ feathers reflect UV light. This reflection of the plumage plays a role in the sexual selection of birds. Breeding should be more successful with UV present. Birds such as Mynah birds that appear black to the human eye will appear multi coloured to the avian eye. The same would apply to some white birds.

UV perception plays a significant role in the selective intake of food. Ripe fruit and berries appear as a different colour to your bird. What your bird sees affects its appetite. Reds are redder and greens are greener with UV. A reluctant feeder needs UVA light to stimulate its appetite.

Vitamin D3 Synthesis

Vitamin D3 is required by birds for healthy bone development. Many species can synthesize Vitamin D3 from sunlight through their skin. Specifically, it is the UVB light within the spectrum that enables D3 synthesis.

As birds are covered in feathers, they are unable to use their skin in this way. In most birds, the preen gland collects the precursor D3 from the bloodstream and concentrates it in the gland oils.

Vitamin D3

These are then exposed to UVB light by your bird spreading the gland oils on to its feathers during preening. The bird then ingests the UV exposed material when it preens itself again, and oil enters the body as pre-Vitamin D. The liver and kidney then convert this to Vitamin D3.

The second is the use of an Arcadia Compact Lamp. This Compact Fluorescent Bird Lamp emits as much UV as a full length fluorescent tube and is ideal where space is at a premium or if a fluorescent tube won`t look `right.`

Arcadia Compact Lamp

Available with a screw fitting it will fit in any ordinary light fitting and although it`s only 20w it shines as brightly as an ordinary 100w bulb and will give your bird all the health benefits of natural sunlight.

Available to buy as a complete kit or as separates.

Tips on use

Do not use a glass or protective lens between the lamp and your bird – this will reduce the UV light that your bird needs.

It is important that the bird lamp is replaced each year. UV phosphors deteriorate at three times the speed of visible light phosphors. The human eye cannot see this reduction but the lamp will be ineffective after one year’s use.

Do not rely on lighting to provide all the Vitamin D3 that your bird needs. Your bird’s diet should also be appropriate.

The suitability of other light sources for birds

Incandescent bulbs, including neodymium types do not emit UV and thus are not suitable for birds. Lamps high in UVB, such as reptile lamps, can cause cataracts, and should be avoided for bird use. Aquarium lamps do not offer the correct red blue ratio, and again should be avoided.

It’s very strong yet extremely flexible; the multiple adjustment points allow a customer to change the position of the stand to lean over practically every size of Parrot cage. To keep it safe for birds, there is a cable and cable clips that attach securely the stand to keep the cables away from your Parrot.


The 24w UV waterproof bird lamp and holder gives your Parrot more UV than ever before. It emits 2.4% UVB over a focusable area, so your Parrot can metabolise calcium and Vitamin D3 correctly. It attaches to ceilings or walls quickly and effectively and is easy to fit.

The UV coating lasts for approximately 12 months when used between 8-10 hours per day. The lamp doesn’t flicker when it’s switched on or powered up and better still, both the map and reflective holder are waterproof so you can keep the light on when showering or misting your bird.

The Mini Lighting Kit is perfect for aviaries or single bird cages and is flicker free.

The Replacement Mini UVB Avian Light fits into the Mini UVB Kit.

There is also the Pure Sun Mini and replacement cable.

There is a Midi Lighting Kit and replacement lamp.

Arcadia: Light For Life.