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Wood and Rope Toys for pet birds and Parrots have been providing chewing fun for years, and are as popular as ever. We’ve got a huge selection of safe and interesting toys to appeal to your Parrot and they provide your bird with a safe outlet to fulfil their natural urge to chew. Choose from soft wood toys for smaller Parrots to large durable wooden blocks for those serious chewers.


Many Parrot species are known to hollow out tree trunks, or strip bark from branches to create nesting sites. Providing materials which you know are safe and free from potential toxins is highly important. In the average household there are many objects made from wood, most of which are not safe or desirable for Parrots to chew! Any activity toy that allows your bird to chew is a great way for you to help your Parrot keep their beak in good health and your furniture safe (well safer!) They can be hung from the roof of your Parrot's cage or attached to the bars to keep them entertained for hours.


The use of cotton or sisal rope provides material for your bird to pick and preen, which can be especially useful if you have a bird that overpreens as it can help to reduce the chances of feather plucking occurring. For those Parrots who are super chewers take a look at the range of Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes. These tightly rolled cardboard tubes keep growing in popularity with birds and owners alike.


Great to hand over as a foot toy, or attach to your bird's cage with a quick link or rope, or use alongside other toy making parts to create a toy of your own for your bird. Looking to fill the time of a mischievous Parrot? Paper rolls, need we say more?!


They can be fitted to toys or attached to the cage using rope or chain, and Parrots adore pulling lengths off and then ripping and chewing it all to pieces. Paper rope comes twisted and knotted up, usually with wooden blocks, for further chewing pleasure, and offers your pet bird or Parrot a safer alternative to cotton rope, as it requires less maintenance to keep it in good condition. The knots provide a challenge for many birds who love to undo things.


Natural products such as willow and palm leaf are always well received. Birds and Parrots seem to love nothing better that getting their beaks around these fun materials. They offer hours of shredding fun, as they can be pulled, ripped, crunched and munched. It is common for these materials to be woven into strips, mats, balls and all sorts of other interesting shapes for your bird so they can spend time unpicking and unknotting them. The woven designs are great for hiding edible treats in or filling with shredded paper, or anything else your Parrot enjoys playing with.


Parrot toys made using coconuts come in a variety of styles and are often used to offer foraging opportunities, by having wood blocks, crinkled paper, rope and other materials or foods like nuts inside. Their durable shells tend to withstand most Parrot beaks, allowing you to refill it with more exciting goodies for your bird to play with. They also make great and safe hideaways for smaller pet birds. With fantastic designs and varying sizes to choose from, your Parrot can enjoy a good old chomping time with Chewable Parrot Toys. It is important to supervise your Parrot whilst they are playing with toys.


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