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Top Rated Christmas Toys 2018

Published on Monday, 19th November 2018
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Our customers have been treating their Parrot to lots of Christmas gifts over the years. We’ve received many great pictures and reviews of the various Christmas goodies.

Veevie said about the Mini Vine Christmas Tree

“My girl is a chewer, and loves any toys she can chew up and rip apart. The middle of the Christmas tree is hollow so I stuffed some treats and crinkly paper inside as an extra bonus. It’s been in her cage 5 minutes and it already getting lots of attention. It won’t survive until Christmas but it will be enjoyed!”

An anonymous customer said about the Cotton Christmas Wreath Toy:

“My Galah loved these so much I had to buy 8 of them to keep her happy today and tomorrow...ok a bit longer than that!” 

(Please note the picture is of a different Galah.)

Another anonymous commentator said:

"Great buy for our Dolly, hours of fun, she's having a new one this year she loves hers."

Gem said about the Hanging Mega Munch Ball:

“Bought this for my Kakariki, Kiera, as a Christmas present, and she seems to have taken a liking to it. Thumbs up from both of us.”

Mandybirds said about the Christmas Parrot Wreath Toy:

“Nice bright toy, my Parrot will love it, things to chew and a bell for him to ring.”

Mandysbirds also said about the Santa Pinata

“Lovely bright toy for chewing, keeps my Parrot amused for quite a while.”

Roger the Cockatoo really enjoyed this toy too.

So did this Galah

The Mini Snowman Pinata went down really well too. Gorby B said:

“Looked great in Charlie's (my Cockatiel’s) cage over the Xmas season, although when I say season it really just looked like a snowman for a couple days. She had it demolished in a week, it was lying at the bottom of the cage with a missing arm and no face! As I said though it brightens up the cage and am sure she got some enjoyment chewing it to bits.”
Finally, Mandysbirds loved the Rudolph Pinata too. They said:

"Great toy to keep them amused."

Jollygreengiant said about the Christmas Star
"I hung this on the front of my Parrot's cage today to give it some festive cheer, and my Parrot ran to it and started playing with it straight away. It is a nice toy for her and it makes her cage look ready for Christmas."

Post your pictures of your Parrot enjoying their Christmas presents and we’ll add them to this blog.

See the full choice of Christmas toys here.

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