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Ringneck Parrot Feeding Guide

Published on Thursday, 14th March 2019

Ensure your Ringneck Parrot’s diet is as varied as possible. Complete or pelleted food should be 60-80% of their diet, with the rest made up of sprouting seed, fruits, vegetables, seed, nuts and other treats.

For a more natural feeding experience, provide foraging opportunities, to encourages your Parrot to search for and retrieve their food. This natural behaviour would normally fulfil many hours of your bird’s time in the wild, so is a great way to prevent birdie boredom and the many associated unwanted behaviours.
Complete and Pelleted Food
Give your Ringneck all the nutrition they need with foods such as Lafeber NutriBerries, developed in 5 yummy flavours. 
OriginalEl PasoGarden Veggie Tropical FruitSunny Orchard.
All flavours have 40 nutrients Parrots need for good overall wellbeing.
Kaytee Exact Rainbow for Parrots and Kaytee Exact Rainbow Cockatiel are made with Omega 3 to help keep a a healthy Ringneck heart, brain and eyes. 

Sprouting Seed / Soaking Seed
All you need to do to prepare these nutrient rich seeds is soak them in water, rinsing occasionally, and within a day or so you'll have a super healthy sprouted food packed full of vitamins and minerals. 

Fresh dark green and orange vegetables such as kale, carrots and broccoli are some of the healthiest and most nutritious.
If time is at a premium this Vegetable Crunch mix of yummy vegetables is worth considering. 

Fresh or dried, Ringnecks readily accept
Banana chips
Coconut cubes
Pumpkin seeds


Parrot Premium Professional has been developed to our exact requirements to improve on other seed recipes on the market. It features, hemp, rowan berries and many more wholesome ingredients. 
Tidymix has 32 healthy ingredients that are of human grade quality. Avian vets use and recommend it. 

Are a nutrient rich snack for your Ringneck too. Both Palm Nuts and Cedar Nuts  are popular favourites. 

Other Treats
Fruit Cups are flavoured jelly snacks in strawberry, banana, honey, orange, melon, and yoghurt flavours. 

Ringnecks love to pick through the sprays of the Millet or Naturals Pick n Fly.
There are two sticks in every pack of Vitapol Treat Sticks, for double the fun. Flavours are Fruit, Fruit and Nut, Orange, Kiwi and Nut

Please Note:
We would always advise buying the smallest bag/pack possible to trial your Parrot with. It can take some time and persistence to introduce a new food. It may be worth having a second bowl of water next to your Ringneck’s food bowl, as many enjoy dunking their food before eating it. Always have fresh water available.

We believe in the quality of our products, but should you received a product that you feel doesn’t suit your Ringneck, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee  click here for details
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