Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - March 2019
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Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - March 2019

Published on Wednesday, 17th April 2019
These beautiful Parrots are looking for their forever home from All Star Parrots in March 2019.

Hello. My name is Cocker, and I’m a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot, aged 20 years plus. My beloved owner sadly passed away suddenly, and I’ve been staying with his daughter ever since. I was very bonded with my old owner, and I am a man’s bird.


I don’t like females, and I was mistreated by one in my first home. I am cage territorial, but will allow my current carer to change my food and water. When I’m out I spend most of my time on top of the cage, but when I was with my previous owner, I was always on his shoulder, chatting away.

If you think you could be my forever home send an email with your interest to

Mack is an 18-year-old Timneh African Grey. He is quite nervous and is not hand tame but will take food from you gently and will say hello when you present him with a treat. Mack has a love for walnuts and will do almost anything for one.


Mack has lived a sheltered life and been contained in his cage for most of his life, he likes his toys and takes a while to adjust to new toys and needs time. Since being with us Mack has had a lot of time out of his cage but generally prefers to sit and watch the world go by, he doesn’t fly unless he is spooked and previously looks as though he has previously his wings clipped at some point.

Mack’s not keen on fresh veg and fruit but does like corn on the cob and enjoys this treat even though he makes a mess. Mack has previously been fed a poor diet but is now adjusted to a health tidy mix. Mack would benefit from a quiet home with no children since he can be cage aggressive and quite nervous and has a tendency to nip you if you stand too close to the cage.

Mack has a range of vocabulary, whistling and will shout for attention, he does know a few naughty words but when told not to swear he does seem to take notice.

Overall he is a loving bird particularly with men and would love to be the centre of attention, I think this would help bring him out of his shell. If you think you could offer Mack a forever home please pop an email with your interest and a bit about yourself to   

Mack is based in Lincolnshire.


Nala is a female Blue and Gold Macaw who is 5 years old and looking for her forever home. Nala was rescued from very neglectful conditions.

She was given a full avian vet check and treatment and has come on leaps and bounds. Sadly, her chest feathers will never regrow however, we think this makes her extra special! Nala cannot fly properly, and it would be great to find a calm home where she can be taught this.


Nala is attached more to men and gets very excitable and screams for attention when her foster dad comes home. Nala however does seem to accept some handling from her current foster mum too. Nala loves a daily mist /shower. She also likes to explore the floor and she needs to have the freedom to do this without fear of other animals.

Nala enjoys a varied diet, veg, fruit, sprouted seed, Harrison’s pellets and she loves pistachios too.

She is used to routine and 12 hours sleep every night. If you would like to apply to adopt Nala then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

Nelly is an intelligent female Senegal that likes to think she’s the boss of the household. She must be in a household that lets her be almost free range due to this. Nelly doesn’t bite unless you’re putting her back in her cage which is more her trying to defend wanting to stay out.


She enjoys being on high up perches, head strokes and whistling tunes. She eats most fruit and veg although loves chucking most of it on the floor for the fun of it. She will tolerate children under supervision and is fine with men and woman.

Nelly likes having other birds around but not out at the same time as her or she will try to bite them. If you would like think you could offer Nelly her forever home then please apply with your interest to

Nelly comes with a cage and is based in Swindon.

Hello my name is Treacle. I’m a little girl and still only young, just 1 year old. My life has been a little bit of a roller-coaster as I have already had 3 homes. I’m hoping that my next home is my forever home.


I have a lovely personality and have so much to say, but I’m a little needy so I will need a carer that will have lots of love and time to offer me. I really don’t have a preference to whom I like but I have made a friend with the little boy in my safehouse.

I am a healthy bird with a great appetite, I love my fresh veg/fruit.  I am a shy girl to begin with but once I settle and get to know you my true character will shine through.

I do have one little problem, I do love the sound of my own voice so I can be rather vocal! For this reason I will need a home that doesn’t mind a bit of noise now and again. You never know once I settle I may calm down a little as long as I get plenty of time out of my cage.

I’m an Amazon so I need lots of enrichment and exercise, so lots of toys to keep me entertained. Who would like to offer me my forever home?

If you would like to apply to adopt Treacle then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

Hi everybody my names Vinnie I’m a Green-cheeked Conure who loves fresh fruit and veg daily. My favourite fruits are apples, banana and most of all strawberries.


I’m a very good bird who likes to sit on your shoulder once I’m comfortable with you and play with your hair. I’m not comfortable with being touched at the moment but I like to sit and watch tv with you and I’m looking for my forever home.

If you would like to have little Vinnie in your life then please apply by email to with your interest.

Vinnie comes with a cage and is based in Stoke-on-Trent

For more information on All Star Parrots please click here.

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