Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - June 2019
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Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - June 2019

Published on Tuesday, 11th June 2019
These beautiful birds from All Star Parrots are looking for a new home. Can you give them one?


Hi my name is Abe I’m an Orange-winged Amazon. I’m 20 years plus and was with my previous owner for 15 years. I came to stay with my safe house mummy after one of my owners became unwell. 


I have spent a lot of time in my cage so am very nervous of people but love to watch and listen, especially to my bird friends who I am staying with.  I love a good whistle and can become quite loud so please bear this in mind.  I LOVE going out into the outside cage for some sunlight and fresh air and adore a shower. I love water.

I’ve not had much fruit and veg so this is a learning curve for me but I really love an orange and finally tried a raspberry.  My mummy changed my food but I’m liking the new seed mix I’m on. 

I will need a good size cage to move into with plenty of toys especially wood as I like to chew.  I am used to dogs being around and my safe house mummy has a 5 year old but I’m not too keen on young children. I am better with teenagers. 

I was previously around cats and do meow lol… My mummy was wondering where the sound was coming from.  If you would like to apply to adopt me then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

Hello everybody, I’m Angel, nice to meet you, I am looking for my forever home, could you be my new home?

A little about me. I’m a friendly boy once out of my cage and can be stroked on my terms and I like to sit on your shoulder. I don’t step up but I am working on this and this is something that you will need to continue to work with me on.


I love to be out of my cage and flying around keeping myself busy and I love attention. I love taking a bath in my water bowl. I don’t like change and this takes me time to adjust to new things in my cage. I am ok if done slowly, I can be loud at times and can tell you off if I don’t like something.

I like to sleep in my sleep hut and my favourite chew toy is a cloth one and of course new toys need to be done slowly.

I like to be covered at night so I can get beauty sleep, not that I need it lol. So that’s a bit about me and if you think you can offer me a forever home, you know what to do.

If you would like to apply to adopt me then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

Hello. My name is Chucky and I’m a Yellow-crowned Amazon. We are unsure of my age but know that I’m over 13.

I have been with my safe house mum for a few weeks now, and she has worked hard to gain my trust and to change my diet. My safe house mum has introduced fruit and veg and I quite like it.  I don’t like men, so I need to have a female carer please.


When I gain your trust, I am very loving and want to be with you all the time, I’m at my happiest sat on my safe house mum’s shoulder. I love having tickles and it’s my favourite thing. There is another bird at my safe house, and I’d prefer to be an only bird please, I get very noisy when my safe house mum talks to the other bird. 

Due to my sad past, I just crave company and attention. I do have a cage, but will need a new one in the future.

If you would like to apply to adopt me then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

This is dog (pronounced Deohgee).  We love our girl so much but we have to put her needs above ours. Due to situations in our lives she’s not getting the attention she needs.
Let me tell you some pros and cons about her.

Her personality is amazing she has so many different characteristics. I hand reared and hand fed her from 8 weeks old. When she learnt to fly she was so determined.


Many times I thought we had a boy. But she was 2 years old on the 25th of February and she's had tonnes of malts. So we mostly feel she’s a girl. She’s great with children and she even has a little Jack Russell best buddy called Ruby. She LOVES baths and showers and sprays.

She loves toys and cheeky nibbles like the occasional carrot top! But she does love off of mainly a veg diet with a little bit of fruit and a little bit of seeds. She mostly like food she can make a mess with. You can tell she tries to repeat I love you but she’s not quite there yet and she squawks so loud it could make your ears bleed.

When she’s unhappy and left in her cage to long as she loves to stretch her wings. She loves the occasional cage in the garden day. Obviously when it’s not to hot or cold. She goes crazy for phones screens especially if you YouTube other talking birds.

She can play football (kind of) with ping-pong balls. She hates fingers for some reason so I get her out of her cage with my hand in a fist. She needs to be covered with her special blanket every night. Now the reason I’m not selling her for money is because we have very set needs for her. I want to make sure she’s getting what she needs.

So preferably somebody who has had experience with Indian Ringnecks previously, I feel they’d know how to feed her and deal with any little insecurity’s she may have. I need someone who is home often where she can be out of her cage to stretch as often as possible.

She currently resides in the house with an African Grey and they seem to get on find so I shouldn’t think other birds would be a bother. She’s very versatile like that. And preferably not an extremely small home so she can fly where she likes.

If you would like to apply to adopt her then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

Pat came into the rescue due to his owner dying. I don’t know how old he is.

He used to live a quiet, sheltered life but has adapted well to my household of three dogs and an African Grey. Pat is much more vocal now as his confidence has grown.


He doesn’t come out of his cage and this might be due to his wings being clipped. When he went to have his beak clipped he did venture out of his travel cage as this was on the floor. I don’t think Pat had a good diet before but he loves his seed.

I can open his cage door and he will take apple, banana and oranges from me. If he doesn’t like something offered he will tell me. Pat would prefer a male carer but has been ok with females. Pat is a lovely bird who is looking for his forever home with someone who can give him the attention he deserves.

If you would like to apply to adopt Pat then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

Little Percy had a bad start to life being found abandoned in a stable block all alone. He went to stay with his new mummy and a new Budgie friend in the summer of 2014 and had a wonderful life until his mummy died and he had to come in to ASP.

We are changing his sunflower seed diet to Tidymix with lots of fruit and veggies and he loves them. He is a friendly little chap who loves nothing better to sit on his cage and watch the world go by.

He doesn’t step up onto your arm but will happily step up onto a perch. He chats away in his own world but you can hear him say “hello”. He really is an adorable Green-cheek Conure.


If you would like to apply to adopt then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

Rudy and Precious
Rudy and Precious are two Peach-faced Lovebirds who are both are 5 years old.
Precious the female is a cheeky adventurous little lady and loves flying to you and using you as a landing platform.

Her other half Rudy is more independent as he does his own thing and watches his lovely precious from afar. He is also an escape artist as he opens doors on their cage and lets himself out so I have put a clip on every door.

A new cage will be required as the one that they are in is too small and no good for them. Both of them are stunning and to be honest I would have them in a heartbeat but I need space to carry on helping other birds by being a safehouse for those that need it.

If you would like to apply to adopt her then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

This is Tosh, he’s now looking for his forever home.

Tosh is a bird who likes to do his own thing, goes in and out of his cage on his terms. Although he’s still not hand friendly will take food from you. He will need a home where someone can work with him and his needs.


He likes his fruit, veg and Tidymix but has taken a dislike to banana chips. He likes NutriBerries, walnut and almond as treats. He loves chewing up cardboard and hangs on his toys. He’s not overly keen on being sprayed. He’s a lovely little bird and speaks ever so softly but can be very vocal when wanting attention.

If you would like to apply to adopt Tosh then please send us an email with a bit about yourself and your interest to

For more information on All Star Parrots please click here

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