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Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - August 2018

Published on Monday, 30th July 2018
Here is an update on the Parrots that were available for re-homing at All Star Parrots in July, plus those birds that are looking for new homes in August. 

Last month we let you know that Charlie, Kilo and Parry were looking for forever homes.


We are pleased to report that Kilo has now found his forever home.

Kilo came to All Star Parrots in 2017. He spent a long time in a safe house before a suitable family was found.

Kilo was an indoor Parrot but liked to spend time outdoors in his sleep cage. Although the safe house realised that this size of cage wasn’t not enough for him.


However, in late June, a new family was found for Kilo, who have a fabulous outdoor aviary and flight cage. With the weather being perfect to introduce an outdoor environment, it was agreed to see how Kilo fared outdoors.

Kilo is now happy in an outdoor flight. He interacts with other Parrots and has daily human interaction too. He has made friends with a Lovebird that was also handed into the rescue. Kilo seems to be happy, and as handsome as ever.


Sadly, Parry who we featured last time is still looking for his forever home.

Parry is very shy and very gentle but an absolute sweet heart. She will let humans handle her and pet her she gets very excited when someone approaches her cage


Parry has a slight issue with letting you touch her feet but is gaining more confidence every day and overcoming it. Parry loves her fruit and veg; walnuts, grapes, carrot and broccoli being her favourite so far. Parry is not very good at flying she prefers to walk.
She will fly when she first comes out of the cage and will walk the rest of the time she is out. 

Parry loves to chew her toys and perches she easily goes through a toy a day so she needs to be kept occupied. I have found the more toys she has the longer they last. 
Given time Parry will make an excellent companion for someone who has lots of time for her and gain her trust.

Available for rehoming

Charlie and Lucy

Charlie and Lucy the Amazons are both looking for new homes. This is what they have to say for themselves…

Hi I’m Charlie and this is my girlfriend Lucy. My foster mummy calls us “Posh & Becks”. Ok, so we will start with me as I’m the attention seeker, wow I just love women, they are my favourite. I like to talk, whistle and flirt with them.


When I first got to my foster mum’s house I screamed a lot and she wasn’t having any of it, so she did some training with me and I’m soooooo much better.

I only shout in the mornings when my breakfast doesn’t come quick enough, I’m very impatient like that, but if you look at me with a very stern look, I calm down.

I have to have discipline otherwise I will just run rings around humans. All in all, my foster mum says I’m very well behaved.

When a forever home comes along I would like to placed where I can see all the family and not in a separate room shut away from everyone. I like to be around people. Now enough about me, let’s move on to my girlfriend.

Well what can I say!! She is one bossy lady, she likes to have her own way with me and makes me wait for food and she has her own place to sleep, and boy if I put my foot wrong she will let me know.

She isn’t an attention seeker like me and likes to have her own space, she doesn’t like to be handled unlike me (which I would have all day long) but she will talk to you and will come close to you.

We were fussy eaters when we arrived but again my foster mum is changing our minds. We are easy to put to bed at night, just give a walnut or banana chip and we are well away and happy. We like to be completely covered at night, unless you like a very early morning wake up call.

So if you think you are the right family for us, then please get in touch with All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming. Thanks for reading about us.

Yoshi and Goose

Yoshi and Goose, also Amazons, are looking for new homes too.

Hello everyone, we are a bonded pair of Amazon Parrots. 

We have been in safe house for a few weeks now and are ready to find our forever home. We need a home where we can be left to get on with our day to day life together. We do not need a human to handle and cuddle us as we have each other for this and are very happy together.


We are on a good quality seed mix and enjoy fresh vegetables daily. We have our cage open all day and come and go as we please.

If you feel you can offer us the home we deserve and are happy to allow us to be Parrots together, then please do get in touch with All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming.


Buzz the Blue-fronted Amazon is looking for a new home.

Hello everyone, my name is Buzz. I came in to All Star Parrots a while a go now due to my owner sadly passing away and I needed someone to care for me.

I am a very proud and handsome boy; I am not keen on being handled by you humans, although the occasional head scratch is welcome on my terms. I love nothing more than spending my days sitting on top of my cage or stand and watch the world go by. 


Although I am not great at stepping up I am very gentle taking treats from humans, and who knows once I am settled in my forever home things may change, if I decide!

I am currently on a Tidymix seed diet and love my fresh veg with some fruit. I also have a lovely large corner cage which I will be bringing with me.

I lived with a female for many years, but whilst I have been with All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming I have quite enjoyed the male human company too.

Oh, I must not forget this one… I have a built-in alarm system which automatically sounds every morning at 7.30 am. So I need a home that is happy to get up early (ish) with me 

Charlie and George

Finally, Charlie and George the Quakers are looking for new homes.

Hello, we are Charlie (green, aged 3 years) and George (blue, aged 11 months)
We came in to All Star Parrots separately but have been lucky to find each other and as you can see have become the best of friends. We are now inseparable and are looking
for a home where we can live together. 


We enjoy time out of our cage and although are not brilliant at stepping up on to human hands, we are very happy to fly to you and sit with you. 

We are on a diet of Tidymix seed and both adore our veggies. We also come with our own cage.

We are looking for a home with humans who are happy to allow us to be ourselves, and interact with humans daily, we are not cuddly hand tame, but do enjoy to sit on heads when the mood takes us. 

If you are interested in rehoming any of these birds please contact All Star Parrots. Their contact details are here.

For details of other charities and rescues please click here.

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