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Parrot Poetry Competition

Published on Monday, 9th June 2014
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Thank you to everyone who sent in their Parrot Poems. There are certainly some very talented pet bird and Parrot owners, making it difficult to choose our winner and runners ups... but here they are...

First Place goes to...

Colin from Swansea with his poem about his Yellow Headed Amazon

Jack, my yellow headed Amazon is a beautiful boy
Talkative and friendly who loves playing with his toys
He lived with my old mother, who was living alone
But one day he was naughty and played with her lifeline phone.
My mother went shopping and when she came back
She discovered some chaos had been created by Jack
He had sent an alarm to lifeline, who acted with care
As they tried to contact my mother, who wasn't there.
They phoned the police and the fire brigade raced there
To see if my mother needed any help or care
After looking through windows, not seeing a face
Their mission accomplished they returned back to base.
When mother came back, she heard her neighbours say
The police and fire brigade called but have now gone away
After contacting the police, she said she was well
But this is still an odd story to tell
When realising what Jack had done to her phone
She had to take precautions when leaving him alone
After saying sorry to lifeline, they laughed and did say
We have never had a call from a Parrot on any other day

Our Runners Up are...

Wendy from Kent with her Poem 'Love at First Bite'

 I saw you at the back, in the corner of your cage.
You were sad and lonely, dishevelled and bald.
I touched your cage
You bit me, hard.
You were terrified and sad.
They said you were no good,
You pull out your feathers, been here for year’s
A reject at the back behind all the bright and cheerful birds.
I loved you at first bite.
I wanted you
They said no, have this one, he’s pretty
Look at those bright colourful feathers.
I only had eyes for you
I took you home
You screamed when I came near
Slowly you improved
I touched your cage I opened the door
You sat at the back too scared to move.
You came out one day, sat on the door.
You screamed when I came near.
You came out more.
Your feathers started to grow. You said “Hello”
You started to grow you started to glow
You said “hello”
Wings, you grew wings. You let me touch your head.
I wanted to hold you on my hand, you bit me instead.
You flapped your tatty wings Clung to your cage and flapped.
You flapped and flapped but never flew.
Your wings were chewed but they still grew.
One day you let go
You flapped and let go. You flew.
You came to me, you flew to me
You flew.
Thud, you hit me
But you never bit me
You landed on my chest we were eye to eye
You said “Hello”

Lydia from Greater Manchester

 As I sit here with my pencil,
My Parrot screeching in my ear,
I'm sure my brain's trying to tell me something,
If only I could hear.
Shopping list aborted,
I'll go another day,
My birdie wants me here with him,
So off we go to his perch to play.
Turn around. Wave. Choose a colour:
He's such a clever chap.
I'm trying to teach him the card trick,
Wish he'd stop chewing them, though, like that!
Oh how he makes me laugh,
He speaks in context you know?
He always says "goodbye" to me,
When out the door I go.
Yes! I love my Parrot,
And for him I get the best,
So I go online to Northern Parrots,
And forget about the rest!

Mrs Eastop from Kent with her Poem 'The Pet Shop'

 The Parrot watched, with malevolent eye
At the customers, walking by
Peering through the bars of steel
Idly pecking at orange peel
His dull grey feathers, dry and dusty
The feeding dishes, old and rusty
Fred, the stock man, did his best
But it's months now, since he sold the rest
Spare a thought for poor old Bertie
Sad and lonely, feathers dirty
He can't talk, or even sing-
Long days, spent huddled on his swing
No-one to call him "pretty boy"
Or buy a shiny, bright new toy
Destined to perch there, 'til he croaks
Inhaling Fred's tobacco smoke

We'd like to thank eveyone again who took the time to enter this competition and Congratulations to Colin and all our runners up, your prizes are on the way!

First Prize - £100 to spend at Northern Parrots
3 Runners up Prizes - Toy & Treat Pack

For more details on all our competitions, please click here


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