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Liberta Cages Endorsed by the World Parrot Trust

Published on Friday, 16th January 2015
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Specialist animal and bird housing importer Liberta is delighted to announce that its latest range of Parrot cages has been endorsed by the international charity World Parrot Trust.

This is the first time the charity has made such an endorsement.

Liberta's aim for 2015 was to deliver something totally unique for Parrot owners from its own-brand range, and are very pleased to announce the the World Parrot Trust has recommended and endorsed all Liberta 2nd Edition Parrot Cages.

Liberta are always looking for ways to improve, so during 2014 they spent many months working  on how to improve the quality, safety and usability of thier cages for both bird and owner.

Following the advice from the World Parrot Trust both parties are pleased with the results, ensuring a higher quality product with many added features can now be offered, helping to improve the experience for owners as well as enhance the well-being of Parrots.

The following changes are now incorporated in to the Liberta 2nd Edition Parrot Cages...
Larger, stronger door locks
Thicker frame and bars
Higher quality, non toxic paint finishes
New and improved packaging

Each 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cage also comes with...
Basic tool kit for self assembly
A booklet with easy-to-follow instructions
Six months' free membership to the World Parrot Trust

Plus every Liberta 2nd Edition Parrot Cage comes with a Certificate of Authenticity so you can be 100% certain you have a genuine Liberta Cage. 

There are only a select number of online retailers who offer the Liberta Parrot Cage range - Northern Parrots are one of them.

Many Liberta 2nd Edition Parrot Cages are now available. 

The following 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages are already available to order...

Voyager Open Top Parrot Cage Stone

Discovery Corner Parrot Cage with Play Gym Top Antique

Enterprise Large Top Opening Parrot Cage Antique

Raleigh Large Solid Top Corner Parrot Cage Stone

Cambridge Play Gym Top Parrot Cage

Cortes Top Opening Parrot Cage Antique

Gama Top Opening Parrot Cage with Stand

Endeavour Large Parrot Cage with Divider Antique

Please note: Only cages where the images display the World Parrot Trust logo are 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages. 

Watch a brief video by Liberta - here

Here's another video from Liberta explaining the features of their new 2nd Edition Cages.

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