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Lafeber PelletBerries Recall

Published on Friday, 2nd February 2018
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We would like to inform customers that PelletBerries are being recalled by Lafeber due to a potential safety issue caused by unsealed packaging.

Product Code: 57670, 57671, 57675

Manufacturer: Lafeber
Product Description: Lafeber PelletBerries - Cockatiel OR Parrot

This is just a precaution and we are not aware of any birds becoming ill from the product. 

NO NutriBerries or AviCakes or Pellets or any other Lafeber products are involved with this recall.
If you still have any PelletBerries please do not use them and contact our customer service team on 0800 488 0345 or, so we can arrange return and refund. We are in the process of contacting customers individually.

Below is the statement from Lafeber:-

Much to our surprise and disappointment, our PelletBerries packaging has experienced an unexpected malfunction even with our strict quality control.

We’ve had two reported cases of mould out of 53,299 PelletBerries tubs sold in the past two years (in both cases, the birds did not consume the PelletBerries). Both cases were reported to us late last week.

After an integral investigation prompted by these two cases, we have learned that dust from the PelletBerries could interfere with the seal on some of the tubs. If the seal was not proper, air could enter the tub if temperature or air pressure changed significantly. In rare cases, the air that entered the tub could bring excess moisture which could cause mould to form.

While this is a rare occurrence, it is too much of a risk for our beloved feathered friends.

To ensure the health of all birds who eat PelletBerries, we are recalling all PelletBerries and Northern Parrots will issue a refund or send a replacement product once we receive the product that you purchased. The PelletBerries recall includes all sizes 12.5 oz for Parakeet, Cockatiel and Parrot, and 3.5 lbs for Parrots. 

We will be contacting everyone who has been affected by this problem. We take safety seriously and offer our sincere apologies.


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