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Getting The Most Out Of Social Media - Twitter

Published on Monday, 12th December 2016
Filed under Media & News

The latest in our guide to getting the best of our social media tackles Twitter. You may only be able to post 140 characters per tweet, but there is a lot to take advantage of.
Our Twitter account has over 2,100 followers at the time of writing. In our short but daily updates, we post daily offers, our newest blogs, news stories relating to Parrots and lots more.
Our Twitter handle is @northernparrots so go and follow us if you haven’t already. We’d appreciate it if you comment on our post, and of course if you ask us a question, we’ll respond quickly (between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.)
If you’d rather keep your question private, you can direct message us too. Again we promise to respond quickly.
On our page you can see everyone we follow and who follows us, and it’s really easy for you to do the same.
Create an account by going to You’ll need to provide an email address and password.
You can use two different names on Twitter, your actual account name and the name you want to be search by. This is helpful when people are trying to find you in the search bar in the top right. 

The moments tab is a collection of stories from around the web. 
Once you have logged on, start searching for people you want to follow, like African Greys, using the search bar in the top right.
There are lots of Parrot related people to search from, as well as us of course.
Hashtags are important on Twitter, so post them next to your post. Remember though, all your tweet needs to be 140 characters or less and hashtags count as part of that limit.
After you’ve posted your tweet, you’ll receive notifications when people like it, tweet you back or retweet it. We love it when people interact with our tweets, so make sure you do.

On your profile on the left hand side, it’ll display when you joined Twitter, your location, your pictures and videos you’ve shared and your website. 
Tweet us any questions you have about using Twitter @northernparrots. 

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