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Getting The Most Out Of Social Media - Pinterest

Published on Tuesday, 4th April 2017
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Here is another of our series of guides telling you how to get the most out of our social media page. This time we're looking at Pinterest. 

To start a Pinterest account, you’ll just need a valid email address and password at
Once you have, the home screen will show a heading saying create a board.
You’ll need to name the board and assign it to a new category. For example, if you start a board called African Greys, you’d assign it under the Animals & Pets category.
You can add a pin to a board through one of three ways:
1.       When you are on a website, for example our own website, you might see a small tab that says pin it (usually grey with red lettering.) Then the picture will open up in your Pinterest tab and you can choose which board you want to add it too. 


2.       Click on a board and on the left there will be an option to create a pin. Then it’ll ask you whether you want to save a pin from a website (as above) or from your PC. Click on save from your PC to locate pictures you have to your desktop.

3.       The third and final way is to look on other people’s boards, click on the pin you want, then click save, then choose the board you want to save it too. 

If you have pinned a pin from a website, it’ll tell you which one underneath the pin, how many others have pinned it and which other boards it’s on.
There is no limit to how many pins or boards you can create, so have fun and see what you can design. We have over 1,000 pins for you to browse. We post beautiful bird pictures, our latest products and so much more.
Searching for hashtags is a good way of seeing all the pins by that name.
It’s a fantastic way of getting inspiration for new toys or cages, and seeing what others have created. To leave comments on other people’s pins, simply click on the pin to make it bigger, click on the comments tab and then leave your comment. You can also like a post using the heart on the top left of the pin. 

Search for any topic or person using the search bar at the top. Once you press enter, it will display, all the pins, pinners and boards related to that name.
In the top right hand corner you can view your profile, any notifications you have (like when someone comments on your pin and your messages.
On your profile page see how many boards you have, how many pins you have, how many followers you have, how many posts you’ve liked and how many people you are following. 

You can change the orders of the boards around if you want to put a more prominent one near the top, but display newest first, and the order of these can’t be changed.
If you have any more questions on how to make the most of Pinterest, leave them as a comment to this blog or on our Pinterest page and we’ll answer them.
Happy pinning!
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