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Getting The Most Out Of Social Media - Instagram

Published on Monday, 6th February 2017
Filed under Media & News

To start your Instagram account you’ll need to create an account at
Hashtags are king on Instagram. You’ll see under practically every Instagram picture there are many hashtags next to it. There is no limit to how many you can use, and the more you use, the more chance your post has of being found by people.
There are of hashtags already in use, such as #African Greys, #AfricanGreysofInstagram #AfricanGreyParrotlove etc, the list goes on. Look what is already established or create your own if you think it’s necessary.

Use the search bar at the top to find all the posts you’re interested in. 

Remember, Instagram is designed for mobile devices, not a desktop, so there are certain things you can’t do on a computer. These are:
1.       Editing a post
2.       Posting a photo
3.       Replying to direct messages
To post a picture on your phone or tablet, first download the Instagram app. Once it’s opened at the bottom of the screen in the middle is a camera picture, click on it. Once you have clicked on it, all the pictures that are on that device will show in rows of three. Scroll through till you find the picture you want to use.
After you have chosen the picture, you can edit it by changing the brightness, shadow, from black and white or colour and other effects.
Once the image is edited, click the forward arrow and then your image will be uploaded in a matter of seconds.
In the top right there are three icons. The left icon that looks like a compass is the discover icon, where it’ll give you suggestions of posts and people you might like based on your current activity.
The middle icon, that resembles a heart, is your notifications tab when someone follows you, leaves a comment or likes your post. (NB: You can click to see the notifications on a computer, but you’ll receive notification alerts on a tablet.)
The right icon that looks like a human takes you back to your profile page. On your profile you’ll see how many posts you have done, how many followers you have and how many people are following you. 

We post on our Instagram page at least once a day, of behind the scenes of photoshoots, birds enjoying our products and more. Follow us at
We hope you enjoy Instagramming. 

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