Get involved with Wild Bird Feeding Month - Part 1
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Get involved with Wild Bird Feeding Month - Part 1

Published on Friday, 27th February 2015
Here’s the first part of our three part series on Wild Bird Feeding Month. In this part we’re focusing on the history of the month and wild bird food and seed mixes.


Many of us spot wild birds visiting our garden for fresh water and food over the colder winter months. The only food many wild birds eat during winter is food that has been left out for them on our bird tables and wild bird feeders.

To help the wild birds and to ensure they get plenty of food March has been declared Wild Bird Feeding Month in the UK (although across the pond in America they celebrated bird feeding month in February.)

It is important to care for our wild birds all year round, so find out how we can help wild birds survive the harsh weather and keep wild birds fed and watered during the course of a year.
Wild Bird Feeding Month wants to raise awareness of these struggles that wild birds face because in winter they can’t find enough food to eat because of frozen grass, sparse vegetation and the lack of bugs around.

Wild birds don’t have enough fat stores to last them, yet need to eat their own body weight in calories every day just to survive, so why not give the wild birds in your area a helping hand (or should that be wing?) Hang food from feeders and make a difference to their lives.

Johnston and Jeff manufacture the majority of wild bird food that we stock. Every seed or nut produced by Johnston and Jeff is cleaned until it reaches a 99.9% purity level and always aims to be of human grade consumption. Managing director of Johnston and Jeff, Richard Johnston, sources and buys all the ingredients that go into the wild bird food himself, to ensure it’s of the highest quality. 


Suet is a key ingredient in much of the food for wild birds. Suet is a pure, refined vegetable or animal fat that is quickly metabolised and digested by wild birds, thus providing them with the high source of energy that they require.
Please use Wild Bird Feeding Month to make an impact on the lives of wild birds for now, and for the rest of the year. Tell us which species of wild bird you see visiting your garden. 

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