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Celebrate Your African Grey on African Grey Day

Published on Wednesday, 13th October 2021
Filed under Bird Days
African Greys are one of the most popular Parrot species we keep as companion Parrots, so it’s only right that we celebrate these wonderful birds with their own special day.

We’re going to be honouring African Grey Parrots on October 21st so use the #AfricanGreyDay to get involved on social media. Once again we are working with Feathered Friends too. 

Post your pictures of your Parrot enjoying their day and we'll choose one to win a small prize. 

Facts about African Grey Parrots
Did you know that although Greys are excellent mimics, they rarely speak their first word before the age of 10 months?

They are also more sensitive to their environment than other Parrots, so you need to be sure they live with the right temperature and take good care of their plumage.

Read up on more interesting information on African Grey Parrots with Rosemary Low’s fact sheet here.

African Greys need plenty of calcium in their diet. Choose from a huge variety of foods, many of which provide your Grey with this important mineral, in the form of complete food, treats, seed and breeding/handfeeding food. 

African Greys are intelligent and active birds, so when buying them a new cage purchase the biggest one you can afford so they have lots of room to play and exercise. We have roomy cages for you to choose from, in a play top, open top or solid top style, along with travel cages.

Clever Greys require a big choice of toys to occupy their time and prevent birdie boredom. Foraging toys help them replicate their natural wild behaviour, but there are many other styles to choose from too, like cardboard and paper toys and bells and musical toys. 

For even more for your Grey, look at our accessories for African Greys. There are lights and so your Grey can receive regular amounts of sunlight and darkness, air purifiers to keep the space around your Grey lovely and clean and a whole lot more.

Finally there are African Grey supplements that keep your Grey looking and feeling healthy and support them when they become unwell. 

Special Offers on Your African Grey Parrot Goodies
To mark this, our first African Grey Day, we’re going to be running special offers, available for a short time only. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear about these offers before anyone else. The page Feathered Friends on Facebook are also getting involved. 

Save over 20% on the Lafeber Gourmet Pellets, were £12.99, now £9.99.

Save over 20% on the Santa Fe Treat, was £8.99, now £6.99. 

Save £10 on the Large Agabus, was £30.99, now £20.99. 

Save over 25% on the Large Sanded Perch, was £14.99, now £10.99. 

Save 20% on the 8oz Rainforest Mist, was £19.98 for two, now £15.98 for two. 

Don’t forget to use the #AfricanGreyDay when you log in.

We hope you and your Grey enjoy African Grey Day on October 21st . Let us know how you’re celebrating in the comments.


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