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Can You Find Pepper the Alexandrine?

Published on Tuesday, 31st January 2017
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Pepper the Alexandrine was brought home from Saudi Arabia in the 1980’s.

Originally, her owner, Hazel Fraser, thought she was a young male without her red markings and therefore her vocabulary was you’re a bad boy mummy, Pepper’s a cheeky boy and Kewwi, their English Bull Terrier, is a bad boy etc.

She never spoke when there were strangers in the house, so their friends in Saudi Arabia used to go onto the balcony until she went through her repertoire.


Hazel rehomed Pepper over 20 years ago as she was laying eggs. She was given to a hotel where they had five males and brilliant aviaries.

She soon settled, although Hazel was heartbroken to leave her, and Pepper found a mate.

A few months later, Hazel went to visit and all the aviaries were empty. The owner had suffered a heart attack, but once he got out of hospital, he traced where Pepper had been sold  and gave Hazel the address and phone number, which was in Musselburgh.

The new owner let Hazel visit Pepper, who was in an aviary with her mate and other birds. Hazel told the owner that if they were ever parting with her Hazel would buy her back with her mate.

Hazel repeatedly wrote to the owner but had no response. In the interim Hazel’s health worsened. After her health improved she went to visit the address but was told the owners had left some years before.

She advertised and received a call from the Erstwhile owner saying she had sold Pepper and her mate years before to a breeder in Fife but couldn’t remember the name.

Hazel advertised in local and national newspapers, Parrots Magazine, Cage & Aviary Birds and vets websites in Fife with a photo but had no responses.

Hazel has been advised by experts that Pepper would have died by now but would still like to find out what the last part of her life was like. She has even consulted clairvoyants.

If you know anything about Pepper’s last years please get in touch with us on 0800 488 0345 or email


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