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Busy Beaks Cockatoo Rescue

Published on Wednesday, 5th October 2016
Sadly, this charity is no longer operational. Please click here for other charities you can support. 

Busy Beaks Cockatoo Rescue
C/o Admin Dept.,
61 Marina Road,
West Park,

Phone: 01752 851 861
Mobile: 07832 266 488

Email: busybeaks@btinternet.com

Web: www.busybeaks.org

Established: 1993

Registered Charity Number: 1108834 (as of 1995)

We do not sell or breed birds and have never done so. We have at present over 60 birds in our care.

All birds that are re-homed by us always remain under the care and jurisdiction of the Charity and a foster agreement has to be signed.

We receive no government funding and rely solely on the generosity of the general public.
Our Mission
Our long-term aim is to discourage people from buying Cockatoos as pets. Many people have good intentions but do not understand how difficult it is to give these birds a good home and how demanding they can be to care for properly.

We would like to educate people about the realities of keeping a pet Cockatoo. Our aim is to provide a safe and permanent home to thosebirds that have not found suitable homes.

Re-homing is very difficult and as Cockatoos live for many decades it is important that we provide the best possible accommodation.

We have outgrown our present premises and desperately need to raise enough funds to buy a suitable site where we can build a permanent sanctuary with outside aviaries as well as indoor bird-rooms.

How and why did you get started?
We started rescuing smaller birds, then eighteen years ago we rescued our first large Cockatoo, Pommy a beautiful Moluccan - she shared our lives for ten years (along with many others!) and went everywhere with us, she even met Johnny Morris (Presenter of Animal Magic).

We were devastated when she died in March 2004. Busy Beaks Cockatoo Rescue was founded in memory of our beloved Pommy and attained registered Charity status in 2005.

What birds are with you at the moment?
We have around sixty birds in our care at any one time, some are just unwanted, others are more serious neglect cases and many are self mutilators, which sadly is very common in captive Cockatoos, especially hand reared ones.

How many staff / volunteers are involved?
Two full time staff and four part-time volunteers. All staff and volunteers are unpaid and give their time freely to benefit the Charity.

A Success Story for Busy Beaks Cockatoo Rescue
One of our success stories has to be Cresta, a Triton Cockatoo. He's been with us for nearly 8 years after his elderly owner died and her daughter could not cope with him.

He hasn't ever liked anyone who has come to offer him a foster home and most people were put off by his bold personality - until now.

Cresta has finally found his foster family, he has a lovely country home, gets to fly free in the trees and gets to go on days out with his family whom he totally loves - at last a happy ending for a bird who we were beginning to think wouldn't take to anyone!

What is your rehoming policy?
We are always looking for caring knowledgable foster homes for our birds. Home checks are always carried out and a foster agreement has to be signed, any bird fostered from us will always remain under the care, jurisdiction & ownership of the Charity.

How can people help?
There are lots of ways to help our Charity, please visit our website for ways to donate.

Also we are registered with Missionfish so if you sell on eBay you can donate all or part of your item selling price to Busy Beaks Cockatoo Rescue.

We are looking for a suitable site to re-locate our sanctuary, if anyone out there has any land (preferably with building/s on & good road access) that they no longer need & would be prepared to donate, sell or lease (with an option to buy) to us, we'd love to hear from you.

For information on other charities and rescues please click here

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