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  • 15kg as45

    AS45 Avian Specific Conure, Small Cockatoo, Poicephalus and Caique Parrot Food 15kg

    • A beak-wateringly good seed mix for Conures and similar sized birds
    • Has useful levels of oil, protein and carbohydrates
    • Has a range of nutritious ingredients
    • Suitable for Conure, Cockatoo, Caique, Meyers and Senegal
  • 15kg as20

    AS20 Avian Specific Amazon, Pionus, Cockatoos and Poicephalus Parrot Food 15kg

    • A quality seed mix for Amazons and similar sized birds
    • High in protein
    • Gives a lot of the nutrition they need
    • Suitable for Amazon, Cockatoo, Meyers and Senegals
  • 15kg avian specific

    AS5 Avian Specific Amazon and Pionus Parrot Food 15kg

    • A high quality seed mix for Amazon and Pionus Parrots
    • High in protein and carbs
    • Very tasty
    • Suitable for Amazon and Pionus
  • colonels 12.5kg

    Colonels Tropical Seed Mix Parrot Food 12.5kg

    • A seed mix with a tropical flavour
    • Delicious and full of nutrition
    • Filled with ingredients Parrots adore
    • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Cockatoo and more
  • 12.5kg colonels feast

    Colonels Feast Seed Mix Parrot Food 12.5kg

    • A traditional mix of seeds and other tasty ingredients
    • Fun to find in foraging toys
    • Includes nuts and chillies Parrots adore
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Conure and more
  • 12.5kg colonels

    Colonels Deluxe Seed Mix Parrot Food 12.5kg

    • A nutritious and delicious seed mix
    • Contains fruits and vegetables
    • Great for finding in foraging toys
    • Suitable for African Grey, Cockatoo, Conure and more
  • 12.5kg as25

    AS25 Avian Specific Macaws and African Grey Parrot Food 12.5kg

    • A delicious seed mix for African Greys and Macaws
    • High in protein and oil
    • Low in carbohydrates
    • Suitable for African Grey and large and small Macaw
  • 15kg as10

    AS10 Avian Specific Cockatoo and Poicephalus Parrot Food 15kg

    • A delicious seed mix for Cockatoos, Meyers and Senegals
    • Has 19 tasty ingredients
    • Contains useful levels of protein and carbohydrates
    • Suitable for Cockatoo, Meyers and Senegal