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World Parrot Day

World Parrot Day

Posted by World Parrot Day, Parrot Days, Bird Days, Parrot Celebrations on 9/1/2024

World Parrot Day is one of our favourite days of the year, and is fast approaching! Here is more information on the day and how you can celebrate with our feathered friends on May 31st.

About World Parrot Day

Founded on May 31st 2004 by the World Parrot Trust. Now in its 13th year, its aims are to highlight the threats to captive and wild Parrots around the world. Sadly, many Parrots are endangered and need to be saved.

Get involved

Zoos, charities and other organisations all get involved and some even hold special parades and parties to mark the occasion. As May 31st falls near or on the Bank Holiday Weekend every year, members of the public have more opportunities to get involved as more people are off work and school. Your Parrot can get involved anytime!

Success Story

At the very day the World Parrot Trust handed in a petition calling for the EU to ban the trade of wild birds in Europe. This has since come into force (in 2006/2007) so real action can be achieved on this day.


In the past celebrities such as TV presenter Michaela Strachan and former star of Vets in Practice Steve Leonard have given their backing to the day which is great news.

Visit the World Parrot Trust’s website to learn more about their current projects and how you can continue to support the work they do saving wild Parrots from extinction.

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What are you and your Parrot doing on World Parrot Day?

Let us know in the comments.