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Why You Should Choose Manzanita

Why You Should Choose Manzanita

Posted by Manzanita Wood, Manzanita Products, Manzanita for Parrots, Manzanita Reviews, Manzanita Benefits on 9/1/2024

Here is why you should choose Manzanita for your Parrot.

For those of you who are relatively new to Manzanita products, don`t let looks deceive you! Manzanita wood has a well earned reputation.

During the months of May through to September the body of the plant is relatively soft because of an increase in the moisture content. Birds and other animals flock to enjoy peeling long strips of the bark (or skin) from the plant and digesting its sweet juices. Moreover, the strips are regularly used as a nesting material.

However, once the wood is cut it begins to dry, harden and split. The more it hardens, the more it splits. Splitting is seldom more than 50% of the diameter of the wood. It is during this period that Manzanita enjoys the reputation of being one of the hardest woods in the world.


Hook billed birds as big as falcons and eagles are commonly found with their talons sunk into a piece of downed, split Manzanita, gnawing away in an effort to keep their beak trim and sharp.

It is no wonder way so many pet Parrot owners provide Manzanita wood perches for their birds! It is a great natural way to help keep beaks trim.

You may be thinking that providing your pet bird with a perch that`s split is just dangerous?

Many people have expressed this fear over the years. Yet in this time we’ve sold many thousands of Manzanita perches. This includes split and cracked ones – and there has never been a report about a single bird of any size with its toenail `caught` in a split or stuck in any way to a Manzanita tree or perch.


Imagine what it would be like. A bright spring day, walking through the lush green forest with flowers in bloom, creatures scurrying around gathering food and little birds stuck all over the place! Kidding aside, in California where it grows in abundance and birdkeepers are knowledgeable concerning the wood, the most sought after pieces are those that are split because of the hardness.

Manzanita is a perfectly safe, natural and healthy product to have in your bird`s cage. Why not take a look at our range of Manzanita Perches?