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Tips to Support Your Parrot After Lockdown

Tips to Support Your Parrot After Lockdown

Posted by Lockdown, Parrot Advice, Parrot Tips, Parrot Routine on 25/1/2024

Here are our top tips to help your Parrot after lockdown.

Our Parrots have got used to us being around during lockdown, but now we’re out and about more and going back to work etc, it’s a big change for them. Here are some tips to help your Parrot cope with being alone.


– Have a training session with your bird before you go to work to encourage exercise and to tire them out.

– Get your bird used to you being out but spending some of the day in another room in your house or in the garden. You can do this for an hour to start with and then build up the amount of time that they are comfortable being away from you.

 Gradually change your Parrot’s routine to the way it will be when you’re back at work.

– Teach your bird how to use foraging toys which will keep them mentally stimulated and busy when you are at work.

– Provide shreddable toys that you bird can destroy. You can also hide treats in many toys to encourage your bird to interact with them.

Thank you to Sophie from Chip and Fish on Instagram for helping us compile this list.