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The Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre

The Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre

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Cornish Birds of Prey Centre


Phone: 01637 880544

Cornish birds of prey centre
Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre

Established: 2007


Address: Winnards Perch, St Columb, Cornwall, TR9 6DH. Open 5 days a week 10am-5pm (closed Sundays and Mondays except for bank holidays and throughout August). 1st April to end of October.

About The Rescue Centre

The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre are passionate about providing a caring home for mistreated, unwanted, injured and neglected Birds of Prey, Parrots and other Farm Animals whether from private owners or from the wild.

Their funding comes entirely from generous visitors, sponsors and donors whose ticket purchases and contributions helps them to keep the centre running all year round.

They provide a permanent, caring safe haven for each and every bird or animal currently in their care now and in the future.

Their aim, and the purpose of the centre is to educate visitors, allow them to learn more about the magnificent and beautiful birds and provide a relaxed, informed and fun environment.

Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre
Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre

The Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre are currently building brand new aviaries for their residents. Look out for them on a future visit.

Their hope is that this knowledge will prevent people impulsively buying birds as pets and to enable them to understand the commitment that owning a bird requires.

Their mission statement is to provide a permanent caring home for each and every bird or animal that lives with them at the moment, has been rescued or will be brought to them in the future. They don’t want to add to the numbers unwanted and/or neglected by breeding to sell. Through education, they want to highlight the needs of birds and animals bought as pets.

How and why did they get started?

The centre is run by husband and wife team Andy and Kelly Grigg. They are supported by their parents and three daughters.

Andy first became a bird owner when he was 12, and after he met Kelly, they built up a collection of birds and moved to the South West.

In November 2006 they noticed a falconry centre in Cornwall was for sale. They decided to buy the centre and opened their doors on April 1st 2007, and have remained open ever since.

They run falconry experiences, owl experiences and photography sessions throughout the day and appear at events such as local farmers markets.

There are also 5 regular volunteers at the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre. They offer work experience for students that are looking for placements.

How can people help/get involved?

They invite people to come and support the centre and the work they do, experience our fantastic flying displays, and learn more about these amazing animals.

Meet some of the residents

They have several resident Parrots, including Catalina Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, Scarlet Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaws, Cockatoos etc.

Chalky arrived in May 2009. His previous owners had him for 10 years. However he was getting a bit noisy and aggressive so sadly they decided he needed a new home.

Jaspa was donated to the centre in July 2009. He lived with a family but he started getting a bit aggressive. Therefore the decision was made to find a new home. He seems to like it at the centre. He has company of his own kind but still a lot of human contact.

Totty arrived in 2017. Sadly her owner passed away and Totty was getting a bit too much for his wife but she wanted her to be somewhere she will live out her days.

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