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Parrots Looking For New Home From Feather Tails Parrot Rescue – February 2023

These beautiful Orange-winged Amazon Parrots at Feather Tails Parrot Rescue are looking for a new home.

Merlin and Polly

Merlin and Polly are used to children and would love a busy family home where someone is at home most of the day. 


Merlin loves women but isn’t as keen on men. He will happily stay on your shoulder all day long. Merlin loves playing with the toys on the java stand and adores human interaction.

Merlin likes a shower. You can pick him up easily and place him in his cage and take him anywhere.

Merlin likes to be on your head and will tilt his head for tickles.

He can be protective over his cage.

Merlin loves food, he eats pellets, seeds and vegetables.

He’s not used to being caged for long periods, he loves to be out exploring and plays with toys.


Polly is independent but loves company. Polly always seems to go for females.

She loves having a shower.

Polly is quite shy with food. She likes fruit, vegetables (particularly in strips) and also sweetcorn, apple, tangerine and more. She’ll do anything for a walnut.

Polly’s out of her cage most of the day, you can close her in but she’s not used to it.

Visit their Facebook group to apply to adopt these beautiful birds.

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