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Parrot Behaviourists, Trainers and Consultants

Parrots are clever creatures, and for them to share our lives and homes, it’s important we take the time to learn and understand them. When we don’t we can inadvertently be the cause of, and unknowingly reward unwanted behaviours including feather plucking and excessive screaming.
With the right technique of positive re-enforcement and a little patience, anybody can train a Parrot to do relatively simple skills like step up, but sometimes when a behaviour is particularly difficult or destructive you may need to call in the experts.
Below you’ll find details for well-respected Parrot Behaviourists, Trainers and Consultants based in the UK.

Elaine Henely is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist who has been working with humans and their pets for over 20 years. Along with her dogs Elaine lives with two 2 Grey Parrots & 1 Timneh Parrot.

Parrot Behaviourist Elaine Henley

She offers online and face to face consultations and her contact details are listed below:

Elaine Henley P.G.Dip CABC
Animal Behaviour Clinic
Full member Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)
Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist (ABTC)
Certified Parrot Behaviour Consultant (IAABC)
Telephone: 01294 833764 or 07789112347


International award-winning trainer Mike Simmons offers husbandry and welfare advice and advice on training. His consultations are usually face to face only.

Mike Simmons Parrot behaviourist

Here are his contact details:
Phone: 01842 828875
Mobile: 07791456578

A world of wings

Best Behaved Birds

The founders of Best Behaved Birds, Sophie and David have a growing online followership. They offer online Parrot behaviour and training consultations.

Best behaved birds Parrot behaviourists

Here are their contact details:
Instagram: bestbehavedbirds

Best behaved birds

Get more training advice here

Do you know of any more Parrot behaviourists in the UK? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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