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Out And About With Parrots

Out And About With Parrots

Posted by Out and about, travelling with Parrots, travel cages on 26/1/2024

What could be better than spending even more time with our feathered friends? It’s really fun to get out and about with your Parrot, and here at Northern Parrots we have everything you need to have some great adventures whilst traveling with your Parrot safely.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Take a look at the following options alongside some inspiration from other Parrot owners.


Parrot Backpacks are the innovative way to transport your beaky buddy. You can easily carry your Parrot on your front or back with the straps provided. To ensure your bird is comfortable every carrier has a wood perch. Using the stainless-steel mesh ‘windows’ and roll back ‘curtains’ you can control how much or little your Parrot can see.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Here's what our customers have to say and how travelling with their Parrot has become more fun and given them more time and freedom.

"I have used the backpack for trips to the vet, to go away for weekends and what is great about it is that it acts very well as a temporary cage as well as a transporter."

"The backpack carrier is perfect in every way, being extremely lightweight and portable and Rambo is able to retain a secure position on the perch, whilst watching the world go by."

"Rory always used to scream and be really loud when I left him at home, now i can take him everywhere with me and he gets to see the outside world safely."

Available in two colours, check them out here.

Aviator Harnesses

Harnesses are perfect for providing that level of security you need when outside with your Parrot. With a harness your bird can remain on your person. You can also use the Aviator harness to let your Parrot fly safely outdoors, without worrying they’ll fly away.

Their lightweight design has no buckles or clip, and they’re incredibly easy to fit. Learning to fly improves your Parrot’s co-ordination, intelligence and so much more.

                                                                                                                                                                             Available in a choice of colours and sizes to suit every Parrot. You can check them out here.

Here's what our customers have to say about the harness.

"She looks forward to going outside with it and it has helped me bond closer with her as well. She is building up healthy wing muscle"

"My Blue and Gold Macaw loves to explore and in warm weather loves to go outdoors. This gives her great opportunity."

"It allows me to take my Senegal everywhere, and I do mean everywhere including horse riding and walks in the country."

Travel Cages

Parrot travel cages are ideal for short journeys, like to the vets or days out. Most travel cages have all the features a regular cage has, like feeding cups, toy hooks, slide out tray and perches.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Here's what our customers have to say about travel cages.

"My African Grey loves to travel in the car to visit my parents for weekends. A great sized cage for him."

"I do a lot of travelling and can take my Parrot with me without getting scared."

"Stylish, practical, safe, strong and so easy to transport. It is very light and easy to take on public transport without any worries."

You can take a look at travel cages here.

How do you get out and about with your Parrot?