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New Parrot Boarding Facilities at Avian Veterinary Services

New Parrot Boarding Facilities at Avian Veterinary Services

Posted by Avian Vets, Parrot Boarding, Boarding Facilities on 9/1/2024

A recent addition to their already outstanding veterinary centre, the Avian Veterinary Services are proud to announce that they now offer a boarding service for all species of pet birds and Parrots.

Boarding Facilities

The new boarding facilities are very secure and very clean. Everyone who stays is given loads of attention during the day and the routine of lights-out provides birds with essential and necessary time for sleeping.

So whether you need your feathered friend looking after for just a night, during your annual vacation or over New Years (when there can be a lot going on and lots of people at home) you can count on AVS to provide the love, care and expertise your bird deserves.

This service is especially great if your bird has special medical requirements, who could be better to ask than AVS?

For enquiries and to book your bird in for their holiday so you can enjoy yours contact Avian Veterinary Services on 01606 350 410 or email them at

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