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New Life Parrot Rescue and Helpline Service

New Life Parrot Rescue and Helpline Service

Posted by New Life Parrot Rescue on 26/1/2024

Find out about New Life Parrot Rescue.

New Life Parrot Rescue & Helpline Service

PO Box 84
St Neots
PE19 2LB

Phone: 01480 390 040


Web: See their Facebook page here.

Established: June 1996

Registered Charity Number: 1056409

NLPR is a small UK registered charity. Our resources are limited, but we work to the best of our ability on behalf of unwanted, neglected and cruelly treated birds.

Provide shelter for unwanted, neglected, traumatised, abused and bequeathed companion psittacines.

Rehabilitate attentively, care for and ease suffering.

Provide a permanent sanctuary for traumatised, disabled, sensitive and difficult companion psittacines.

Promote and support for the benefit of the welfare of psittacines and the public the caring for psittacines in captivity.

Educate the public in conservation (in situ) and related avian/human diseases (zoonotic diseases).

How and why did you get started?

In 1995 two Parrot rescue groups merged and formed a structure to streamline all aspects of their comprehensive rescue themes.

The demand grew for their specialised knowledge. As a result, New Life Parrot Rescue & Helpline Service evolved, thus we received charity status in June 1996. The charity has been shaped and formed into a recognised position, both in England and with some Parrot welfare rescue groups in the United States.

We have gained a good standard of care and knowledge, providing a quality service for Parrots and their people, with specialised care and attention for those Parrots under the Charity's supervision and guidance. Parrot welfare is the heart of NLPR.

What is your rehoming policy?

NLPR does not rehome birds directly under its care but offers a re-homing procedure via referral to suitable candidates.

How can people help?

We would be most grateful and truly appreciative if people would help with fundraising.

Times are lean under the current financial climate. Many small animal charities have dissolved due to funds drying up. For the sake of the Parrots’ plight, NLPR needs to remain in existence.

Fundraising ideas can be found on our website under ‘Vacancies’

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