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Meet SunSun the Sun Conure

Meet SunSun the Sun Conure

Posted by SunSun The Sun Conure, Conure, Sun Conures, Conure Parrot on 26/1/2024

Say hello to SunSun the Sun Conure.

Thank you to Bea, who has sent us this month’s Meet My Parrot article, all about her Sun Conure SunSun.

Why did you choose a Sun Conure?

I didn’t know much about Sun Conures before him. I was going to buy a Pineapple Conure but SunSun's breeder called saying there was one bird left and so I never made it to the Pineapple one. SunSun fit in perfectly, he became the top dog of the flock and the brat of my life. He was seven months old (give a few months) when we bought him and is now two years old.

What is SunSun’s favourite food?

SunSun’s not that picky but with good tactics he will eat anything. We are currently converting him to pellets, which came from Northern Parrots, so fingers crossed. So far the winner is ZuPreem. He also loves his NutriBerries.

His best training treat are sliced almonds (we call them yummies). When I eat naughty treats he gets dried tropical fruit (Sun's candies) and once or twice he gets an Organic baby gingerbread biscuit (almond size.)

Does SunSun have any favourite toys?

He likes wood and pumice which we get it from the hamster section of a pet store. He loves his wooden bridge which is being remade constantly as he chews them.

Does SunSun have any games he likes to play?

He not much of a player but like to chase my other two around the house. He tries to catch my brushes or my knitting.

SunSun is also harness trained and loves going out. We do shopping and coffee together, go to parks together (he loves yelling at the Parakeets in London parks and dogs too). He lifts his foot and waves (we do that on videos a lot). I am very lucky as I can take him to work.

Does SunSun speak?

SunSun can say rather a lot. His favourite is 'come on'. He always calls his birdie siblings. He says 'give a kiss' and he gives a kiss. At bedtime he tells my Cockatiel 'COCO proper kiss.' When he does a number two he says poo and often says good boy. Other things he says: talk to me! Give it, bye, oh oh, yeah, no, biscuit.

Do you have any advice for new Parrot owners?

If you going to go for a Sun Conure be prepared as they are loud (I’m a lucky one, mine doesn’t yell madly and he is rather well behaved) and messy!

They are demanding but very smart birds. Sun Conures literally stick to you like Velcro. They are real lovebugs. If they choose you and they bond it is forever. I was very lucky to have SunSun for a week as a trial to see how we (me and my other 2 birds) get on, it was a perfect bond. He trusts me so much I can file his beak and trim his nails.

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