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Meet Sacha the African Grey

Meet Sacha the African Grey

Posted by Sacha the African Grey, African Greys, African Grey Parrot on 26/1/2024

Say hello to Sacha the African Grey

Sacha is 28 years old. He knows what day it is, is spot on with the time, even when you change the clock!

About Sacha

His name is Sacha (Sasha) and we purchased him when he was 6 years old from retired pensioners near Wakefield, Yorks. who just couldn't cope or feel they could care for him properly any more. Sacha was causing trouble by making imitation sounds of a neighbour's car alarm - the car owner kept thinking it was the car being stolen, but Sacha's owner didn't have the nerve to tell him the truth!


He loves apple cores, insists on 3 fried chips, but checks he gets the longest one first - give him just 2 and he gets the hump! He loves chicken bones, again the longest first. His absolute favourite being walnuts which he eats all year round, but won't touch any other kind of nut.


He has a 4 year old Border Collie dog for a brother. The two of them adore each other and insist on planning their day by having a nose to nose through the cage door at 6am each morning! The first time they met the dog was so small and just 3 months old, you could hold him in one hand. The dog made a small yap as a bark, but Sacha immediately replied by barking back properly - which made us all jump!


Sacha has a beautiful opera voice, his absolute favourite group is Abba, especially when he hears 'Dancing Queen' but he also likes 60's pop music and country & western. He has his own TV, tells us when it automatically switches off but insists on watching Match of the Day Sunday mornings, wolf whistles at the ladies playing Wimbledon, but ignores the men! Loves Songs of Praise, loves 'all things bright and beautiful' and all the Xmas carols.


He seems to know what to say and when. I suffer from epilepsy so limp a few days with pulled leg muscles but get "come on, come on" from Sacha and/or he'll imitate me by limping across his cage! He tells us when he wants to go to bed and knows what day and time he comes out of his cage for it to be cleaned. He sits on my shoulder whilst I wash up, but puts it back in the water if he doesn't think I've cleaned it properly! We can't win!


We'd now be lost without him. A struggle to begin with, but once got you'll never regret it.

You just don't know what the bird will say/do next or when.

It was lovely to meet you Sacha the African Grey.

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