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Keepers Korner - Phil Jessops Musings

Keepers Korner - Phil Jessops Musings

Posted by Phil Jessop’s Musings, Macaws, African Greys on 26/1/2024

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Having kept Parrots for more years than I will admit to, I was asked by the lovely Rachel at “Northern Parrots” to jot a few notes down just for fun.


I have four of the little monsters. They are Coco an African Grey, a. Green-wing Macaw called Bonzo, plus a breeding pair of Blue and Golds called Ozzy and Billy.


I said that “I” have four when as all of you know they have me. If I don’t do something at the right time and in the correct order holy hell breaks out.

A good example of this is my morning system. The hooligans wake me up with the sun, ‘cause if they are awake so am I.

So I drag myself out of bed do my ablutions and then make five cups of tea (De-caff of course (can you imagine a Green-wing on a caffeine rush). Plus they each get a rich tea bicky.


They each have their own cup, and their own spot where they like to have their breakfast. Coco has hers on the draining board. F10 wipes are brill for any little messages left no problem.

Bonzo likes his in his cage. He’s a big softy plus a little bit shy. So he likes his on “safe ground.”

The two Blue and Golds just want them NOW. It is not an unusual sight for me to have a cup in each hand and having a large Macaw trying to drink from the cups at the same time. Which is quite a balancing act!


So that is the gang, and Coco is top of the tree (sorry) and is definitely the boss. If there is mischief to be done she will be involved somewhere.


She is a good talker but her best trick is to impersonate my phone. Coco only needs to hear it maybe a couple of times, and then she is perfect. She also does the front door bell, people tapping on the glass and the list goes on.

Bonzo is so laid back it is hard to believe. All he wants is to cuddle up to me and then go to sleep. My smallest grand-daughter can pick him up. From the tips of his tail feathers to the top of his head he is taller than she is. But he takes it all in his stride. A real softy.

Ozzy and Billy are your typical married couple. To them squabbling is a fine art. But at night they both sleep on the same perch. Snuggled together, that is very cute. Perhaps next year we might have the pitter patter of tiny Parrot footsteps, fingers crossed.

P.S. since this was written. Her majesty queen Coco decided to give me the fright of my life.


She loves to play with cardboard boxes. I received a parcel which after emptying and checking for anything that might hurt her, I gave her the box to play with while I got on with what I had had to do.

So I went on about my day. About two o’clock I decided it was time for a tea break. So I made myself a brew and went into the front room, sat down, feet up and started to relax. It was then that I noticed that something was wrong. Very wrong. But what? Then I noticed that Coco was not in her cage or on her play stand.

Billy and Ozzy were on the window perches and Bonzo was on the chair arm next to me. But where was Coco? I checked all of her favourite places to hide. I called her name; nothing. It was about then that a big lead weight started to grow in my guts. Had I been outside and unnoticed she had walked out behind me?


I then got a really sick feeling. She was gone. I was gutted but then who should climb out of the cardboard box yawning her little head off. You guessed it Coco. She even had the cheek to look so innocent as if to say what’s your problem.


I threatened her with a visit to KFC but going in the back door.

The joys of keeping Parrots. I’ll sign off now. So ‘till next time bye.


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