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Keeper's Korner - A Tiny World Of A Parrot

Keeper's Korner - A Tiny World Of A Parrot

Posted by A Tiny World Of A Parrot on 26/1/2024

Here's a lovely story by Gusti and her Senegal Uzi entitled a tiny world of a Parrot.

Why have birds been associated with freedom for centuries? Is that because they have wings? Because obstacles, that for us, humans, are impossible to overcome, mean nothing for them? Or is it because wild birds fly thousands of kilometres to find food and can see much more world than we will through our whole lives?

Humans have always dreamt to fly. To be as free as birds are. To glide effortlessly though the sky wherever they want. Whenever they want. Then why do we make our domesticated birds live in a such tiny world, consisting out of their cage and our house? Why don’t we let them expand their reality?


An Aviator harness made bird owners’ dream come true. Not only you get to take your bird everywhere with you safely to strengthen your bond. Being outside benefits your bird in so many ways it’s hard to write just a few.

The most obvious are physical benefits – natural sunlight, fresh air will help your Parrot to build strong immune system; exercise will keep them to stay strong for many years. Seeing the outside world will be very advantageous for your feathered kid’s mental well-being.

Yes, the outside world can be a little bit scary for them, but in the wild they often must be alert and aware of their surroundings which stimulates their minds. How many Parrots are there that don’t care about anything in their environment except their beloved little bell?


Not mentioning all the adventures and laughs you will have together outside. All the people you will educate that birds do not belong in round tiny cages and aren’t just a home decoration. All the funny stories you will remember your whole life. Here’s one of them, by the way:

It’s a nice sunny summer evening. After a hot day the nature takes a deep breath and is getting ready to sleep. A perfect warm evening for a walk with your feathered friend. “What can be more relaxing?” – you think. But then you hear one on of the hundred daily comments from a passing stranger.


No it doesn’t sound something like: “Look it’s a Parrot!” or “Won’t she fly away?” No, that’s too common to remember. You hear something that could be nominated to the Words of the year award: “Look, - a boy quietly reports to his friend – she’s carrying something that looks like a Parrot but has a head of a pigeon!”

And then you realise that all the hard work, training and mistakes were worth it without a doubt.

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