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How You Can Support Blue-Throated Macaws in Bolivia

How You Can Support Blue-Throated Macaws in Bolivia

Posted by Blue-Throated Macaws on 23/1/2024

Have you heard about the amazing work The Bird Endowment have undertaken in Bolivia to help the wild Blue-Throated Macaws yet?

Everyone over there is doing fantastic work to help this vulnerable species of Parrot survive in the North Eastern lowlands of Bolivia, more commonly known as the El Beni region.


Laney Rickman started the organisation in the 1990's, when she decided she wanted to build a non-profit organisation to save Blue-Throated Macaws from extinction.

The wild Blue-Throated Macaws in the El Beni area of Bolivia are spread over a massive 25,000 acres, so the task of conservation in this area is a challenging one for the volunteers.

However, the Nido Adotivo Project, in partnership with the Armonia/Loro Parque Fundacion of Tenerife, has seen incredible results in the 7 years the project has been running.


In that time 48 Blue-Throated Macaw chicks have been born, and the hope is that number will continue to rise steadily. Over 20 nest boxes have been built in 2014, to give the Macaws a safe nesting place, and the hope is 2015 is even more fertile.

But to continue their great work they need money from donors. Every penny raised goes on the Parrots and the project, and you can give using this link on The Bird Endowment’s website.


Here is a list of what your money is used for:

1) Building new nest boxes for the Blue-Throated Macaws in the terrain of El Beni, to increase the population of these wild Parrots
2) Repairing nest boxes already in use.
3) Paying for patrols to check on nest boxes twice a month and record data such as the contents of the boxes
4) Paying for patrols to record if there’s been any inter-species interactions
5) Paying for patrols to record how the nest box is being used.
6) Running education programmes in the local community, so they appreciate how important the conservation work is
7) Monitoring illegal smuggling in the area
8) Guarding nest sites and nest boxes of the Blue-Throated Macaws.
9) Monitoring the overall population of the Blue-Throated Macaws and run surveys on population growth when they’re needed.

Nest Box

Once you have sponsored a nest box, The Bird Endowment will pinpoint the exact location of your nest box using GPS co-ordinates and Google satellites so you know exactly where it is.

They will give you an initial report at the start of your sponsorship and a final report at the end of the one year sponsorship on how your nest box has helped the Blue-Throated Macaws.

Once again, visit The Bird Endowment’s website to learn more about this fantastic organisation and the amazing work they do.

And if you do dye your hair blue or sponsor a nest box, send us some pictures, we'd love to see them. Post them on our Facebook page or send to us on an email. Our contact details are here.