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Homeless Animals Day

Homeless Animals Day

Posted by Homeless Animals Day on 23/1/2024

Learn more about Homeless Animals Day

On the third Saturday of August each year the world comes together to highlight the plight of homeless animals, on International Homeless Animals Day. This year it’s taking place on Saturday August 15th.


The organisers of the day, (the International Society for Animal Rights or ISAR) want to make the public more aware about abandoned pets and the advantages of neutering animals so that more pets don’t become unwanted.

Although the day was started in the USA by ISAR in 1992, the message has spread worldwide with over 50 countries across 6 continents marking the occasion in 2014.

In 2015 there will be candlelight vigils, speeches, adopt-a-thons and even poetry readings taking place across the world. Some people even organise raffles and special dog walking trips to raise awareness of the day.

What you can do to help homeless Parrots

One of the big campaigns of this year’s event is neutering or spaying your animal. Now we know it’s not always best to neuter Parrots, and it’s a topic we suggest you to speak to your avian vet about if you’re concerned, but we would suggest you consider the implications carefully before breeding your Parrots.

Do you have homes lined up for any chicks that hatch or do you have the capabilities to care for them yourself?

If you have lots of chicks you are unable to look after properly then it isn’t fair on them or you.

Microchipping your Parrot could also help to reduce the numbers of homeless Parrots. That way, if your Parrot is ever lost or escapes, once they are found, vets will be able to read your information that is held on the chip and quickly reunite you with your Parrot.

Parrot Rescue Centres

There are lots of Parrot rescue centres across the country which you can visit if you’d like to adopt an unwanted Parrot. Dozens of Parrots are left in these centres every year and they’re all in desperate need of a new home.

These centres are overflowing with unwanted birds so if you feel you’d like to add a new member to your flock then why not consider visiting one of these rather than a specialised breeder?

Birdline is the UK’s biggest Parrot charity. They help re-home and rescue hundreds of Parrots every year. Volunteers take in the Parrot in their homes until a more permanent home can be found for them, ensuring a Parrot is never left homeless.

Other organisations that help rescue Parrots and ensure they always have a home to go to include Safehaven Parrot Refuge and Birdline.


On a different note, if you do need to re-home your Parrot then The Parrot Society offers advice to anyone who is looking to advertise their Parrot for re-homing.

Liz Wilson wrote this useful article too, listing 20 questions to ask a centre before you take your Parrot in for re-homing.

Do you have any experience of re-homing or rescuing Parrots? Or are you holding an event for International Homeless Animals Day? Leave a comment and let us know.