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Go Birding Day

Go Birding Day

Posted by Go Birding Day on 25/1/2024

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How many of us have been lucky enough to go and watch wild birds in their natural habitat? I suspect many of us dream of going on such a trip but never get the opportunity.

Go Birding Day

Go Birding Day, on Saturday April 25this the chance to plan to change all of that. It’s designed to celebrate how wonderful our feathered friends are and to highlight the plight of some of our most loved bird species.

The day’s organisers are also encouraging us to take photographs of birds in the garden, feed wild birds and visit a place where you can view wild birds.

There are lots of place you can go to experience wild birds and Parrots, at home and abroad.

The Loro Parque Fundacion is a sanctuary based in Tenerife, where endangered species of Parrots and Lorikeets, Golden Conures, Galahs and Cockatoos amongst others live, and are kept under observation by the sanctuary’s staff so you can go and watch the birds in all their glory.

Loro Parque Fundacion

In addition to that the Loro Parque Fundacion fund numerous conservation projects around the world, including in Dominicaand the Philippines.

Rosemary Low went on an eco trip to see wild Amazons, Cockatoos and Conures on a holiday organised by Wild Parrots Up Close. This company organises trips to Central and South America throughout the year to see Parrots in their natural environment.

The Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre in Perth, Australia, accepts private tours of their site. Go and experience the work the project does rescuing wild Cockatoo’s in distress, treating them and then hopefully releasing the Cockatoo’s back into the wild.

The World Parrot Trust runs various conservation projects around the world. Visit their website to read up on them all.

Parrots International offer two eco tourism and conservation projects to volunteers, which are located in Chile and Peru. Here you can experience lots of Parrot species, including Macaws and Conures, conduct research and a lot more.

Miles to the Wild

Miles to the Wild is a fantastic blog and resource detailing many of the eco tours on offer around the world. The author, Tara, has visited projects across the globe and has reviewed all of them. She also takes dozens of photographs about what you can expect to see on your adventures. Start planning the eco tour of a lifetime now.

This is just a sampler of the many eco tours available. Do your own research and see what you can find.

Closer to home in the UK there are of course plenty of wild birds to spot in forests, woodland areas, nature reserves and your own back garden. Ring Necked Parakeets are the UK’s only naturalised Parrot according to the RSPB. There are found mainly in South East England, particularly in Surrey, Kent and Sussex.


The Parrot Crossbill can be spotted in the UK at various points throughout the year.

There are bird watching tours in Scotland, where you could spend a pleasant morning watching golden eagles in the wild.

The RSPB has a list on their website of all the reserves in the UK where you can go and see wild birds. They also hold regular trips, activities and walks taking guests to areas where they might spot birds.