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Find The Right Bird For You With Lafebers Quiz

Find The Right Bird For You With Lafebers Quiz

Posted by The Right Parrot For You, Parrot Species, Choosing a Parrot, Parrot Quiz on 9/1/2024

Lafeber have launched a fantastic new questionnaire on their website to help you decide which species of Parrot or bird is right for you if you’re considering buying one.

The survey is broken up into five sections, but Lafeber recommend searching by one or two choices only, as this will bring up better results then if you answer every question.


The options are:

Size. Say whether you want a small, medium or large Parrot.

Sounds. Parrots are noisy animals, so how much noise can you tolerate from your Parrot? The choices are chatterer, vocal communicator, whistler or a relatively quiet Parrot.

Interaction. Would you like a highly social bird, social bird, somewhat social bird or a bird that would prefer you to keep away from them?

Lifespan. How long do you think you can care for a Parrot? Pick from up to 10 years, up to 20 years, up to 30 years and 30 years plus.

Colour. Do you have a preference about what colour you’d like your new bird to be? The possibilities are black, blue, brown, grey, green, multi-coloured, orange, pink, rainbow coloured, red, white and yellow.


If at any time you want to redo your answers click the reset button so you can start the quiz all over again. Once you’ve finished answering the questions click the orange button that says search for birds and it’ll tell you which bird could suit your household best.

In our office, the survey suggested we buy an Indian Ring Necked Parakeet and a Rainbow Lorikeet.

Underneath the questions is a list and pictures of all the Parrots that your results of the survey could have brought up. Plus there’s useful information about the particular type of Parrot (overview of the species, natural habitat, personality, speech and sound, care and feeding, health and where you can buy that breed of Parrot.)

Follow this link to have a go at the quiz.

Don’t forget that we have lots of Lafeber products available if you already own a Parrot.

The delicious Lafeber NutriBerries are a complete food so your bird gets all the nutrition they need in their daily diet from eating them. There are lots of different flavours available so your feathered friend gets a lot of variety in their diet, including tropical fruit and garden veggie. .

Lafeber AviCakes are a mix of fruits, grains and pellets that are designed to promote strong beaks, bright eyes and healthy plumage.


All Lafeber’s products have been created by avian nutritionists, behaviourists and veterinary surgeons.

There is more advice on choosing the right bird or Parrot for you here.

Let us know which species of Parrot or bird the survey recommends for you in the comments below.