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Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day

Posted by Endangered Species Day on 23/1/2024

Endangered Species Day on May 17th is very important, because although Parrots are very popular as companion animals, in the wild their numbers are decreasing.

Popular bird website The Bird Channel compiled a list in 2013 of all the endangered species of Parrots globally. Sadly it seems that many of these species are still under threat.

You can see how Parrot populations are increasing or decreasing by looking at this useful list by Rainforests Monagbay on Parrot species with the least and most concern attached to them.

We’ve reported on numerous projects going on around the world. Our bloggers have visited some of them first hand (or should that be first wing?)

Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich dyed her hair blue to show her support to blue-throated Macaws in Bolivia. Nest boxes have been built in the El Beni region of Bolivia, to encourage the Macaws to breed. These have been very successful, so fingers crossed this species won’t become extinct. There are currently approximately less than 1,000 in the wild.

Barbara’s other project involved visiting Kakapo’s in New Zealand. She helped collect data on young Kakapo’s and trained them when she visited them in the wild in summer 2014.

The World Parrot Trust and other organisations run lots of projects round the world to increase the population of Parrots in their natural habitat and keep the numbers steady by stopping poaching etc.

Another of our bloggers, Heather Scott, volunteered in Costa Rica for a couple of months earlier in 2015. She worked with the Macaws that lived in a sanctuary there, training them, feeding them and more. Again this was all to increase the numbers of the species.

Dot Schwarz has shared her thoughts on conservation and visited a project in The Philippines which cared for and protected the Red Vent Cockatoo from extinction.

The WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) run a myriad of projects designed to increase the numbers of Parrots in the wild. Read about some of them here.

Are you doing anything to fundraise or raise awareness of endangered Parrots? Let us know in the comments.