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Eatertainment For Your Parrot

Eatertainment For Your Parrot

Posted by Eatertainment, Parrot toys on 25/1/2024

Here is how eatertainment works for your Parrot.

                                                                                                                                                    Busy Bird Toys

Made from tough materials like stainless steel. They have loads of parts Parrots can enjoy moving around for hours.

Creative Foraging Toys

Place treats inside these super strong toys, then let your Parrot enjoy getting them out again. Great fun.

Nature's Instinct

Again, these are a range of toys designed to mentally stimulate your feathered friend.

Lafeber NutriBerries

These berries are a tasty complete food, rolled into a berry shape so they're easy to hold. A range of flavours are available.

Vitapol Treat Sticks

With two in every pack, there's double the fun. Available in a selection of flavours.

Chewable Foraging Toys

With these toys your Parrot has to chew their way through the toy to reach their reward.

Reusable Foraging Toys

With these toys your Parrot has to solve the puzzle to get to their reward.

How do you provide eatertainment for your Parrot?