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Preparing For Your First Cockatiel

Excerpt from chapter two of “Preparing for My First Cockatiel” by Laurel A. Rockefeller A cage is your bird’s bedroom.  It is her shelter, her territory, the space that belongs just to her.  It is where she goes to eat, to sleep, and to retreat from danger and it is not intended to be where […]

Pip The Budgie’s Inspiring Story

Louise Gilmartin tells us the story of her Budgie Pip. About Pip Pip (previously ‘Peter’) was left alone in a nursing home after his owner sadly passed away. Her family didn’t want to inherit him, nor did the home. He was rescued by a family friend who knew we had budgies (my mum fosters & […]

My Parrot Has Changed: Dealing With A Hormonal Parrot

What do you do when your pet Parrot wants to mate? And what do you do when your pet Parrot sees you as his or her mate?  The behavioural problems that arise when companion Parrots reach sexual maturity are due to a hormonal change. The owner not aware of this finds him or herself in […]

Celebrating Your Parrot’s Hatchday or Gotcha Day

    Is your Parrot’s hatchday or gotcha day coming up? If so, and we know about it, keep your eyes peeled for thier special shoutout on our social media channels. Want to let us know about your Parrot’s Hatchday or Gotcha Day? DM (Direct Message) us a cute pic of your Parrot, their name, species and the date of […]

Trick Training Your Parrot – Yasmin’s Trick Training Diary

Trick Training Your Parrot. See how Yasmin has been getting on, training Quinn with the Northern Parrots Trick Training Academy…

World Vet Day

Our vets do so much to care for our pet Parrots, so let’s take a moment to thank them on World Vet Day (Saturday April 24th 2021.) Comment and rate your vet in the comments section of this blog. Parrots are classed as exotic animals and although all vets are qualified to look after them, specialist avian vets […]

The History of Northern Parrots

Check out the history of Northern Parrots. Northern Parrots begun as a pet shop named Northern Pet Centre in 1979. It wasn’t until 1995 we started selling through our catalogue and 1998 when we began selling online.  Our current managing director, Mike Taylor, started working at the shop in the late 1980’s. It was then […]

Everything That Needs To Be Considered Before Buying A Parrot

There are lots of things to consider before becoming a Parrot owner for the first time. Dot Schwarz looks at them all. Environment Parrots are attractive, intelligent and full of personality – that’s why they’ve been kept as pets for centuries.  Taking on a Parrot requires as much forethought as taking on a dog. Parrots […]

Kakariki Toy Guide

Let’s take a look at the different styles of toys available for Kakarikis and the most popular products from each of them. Foraging Toys Some chewable and reusable foraging toys come prefilled with treats, others you fill yourself, but all Kakarikis love getting them out the toy again. With chewable foraging toys they have to […]

Overbonding And Parrots

Dot Schwarz looks at how Parrots bond and what you can do to prevent overbonding in her latest blog. Most Parrots who live with us are now born in captivity – pet animals. But they are genetically still wild creatures. Although people have kept Parrots for centuries, breeding has only been established in any great […]

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