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Avoid This Parrot Food Nightmare

Like you, we always want to make sure your Parrot’s favourite food is in stock and ready for them to enjoy. However, occasionally supplies can run low or even run out entirely. What a nightmare! Especially if your feathered friend is only ever fed the same food day in, day out, and the next time […]

About Feather Tail Parrot Rescue

At Northern Parrots we are always happy to help charities where we can. So we’d like to tell you more about Feather Tail Parrot Rescue. Address: 48 Marston Road B29 5LT Contact telephone number: 07398 656760 or 07920 005590 Contact Email(s) Website: Date established: 01/10/2022 Registered charity number: 1201734 How and why did […]

Parrot Play Stands, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Elaine Henley tells us more about Parrot play stands. About Elaine Henley Elaine Henley P.G.Dip CABC Elaine Henley is registered as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and a Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors – where she is the Treasurer. Working with a variety of species; […]

Parrot Intelligence – Part 4

Dot Schwarz tells us more about Parrot intelligence. Has your Parrot recently done or said something so unusual that you are puzzled and bewildered by the apparent cleverness. Here’s an example some time ago from my pet Greys Artha and Casper’s behaviour. The square red sweet biscuit tin was often left on the kitchen table […]

Meet My Parrot – Chirpy The Budgie

We’d like you to meet Chirpy the Budgie and her owner Pamela Nicholls. Chirpy is 6 years old and was hand raised after being rejected by parents. She has an adopted sister Pipsqueak who is a rescued lost Budgie. Chirpy is a very affectionate bird who loves to give kisses and snuggles. She loves toys […]

What Should Be In Your Parrot’s First Aid Box?

This is what should be in your Parrot’s first aid box. Please be advised that supplements are for birds on a poor diet which needs boosting. They are not a first aid item. Also, as a rule you shouldn’t use any two products at the same time, as the birds can overdose on fat soluble […]