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My Last Week At The Ara Project In Costa Rica

Find out more about Heather Scott’s last week at The Ara Project in Costa Rica I can’t believe it’s come to an end, 6 weeks has gone so fast! I’ve had a couple of homesick moments, more than a few ‘if insects don’t stop biting me I’m going to lose my mind’ moments, but mostly […]

My Personal Contributions To The Ara Project, Punta Islita

Heather updates us about her time at the Ara Project. I’ve now been here for 4 weeks and I’m thrilled to report that I’ve been able to contribute to some exciting developments here! Experience Before arriving, I was particularly hopeful that I could put my bird training experience to some use and I am now […]

Settling Into Work At The Ara Project In Costa Rica

I’ve now been volunteering with the Ara Project for two weeks and it’s already the experience of a lifetime! The Punta Islita Site The Punta Islita site is home to around 150 Macaws in total; around two thirds are Scarlets and the rest are the critically endangered Great Green Macaws. The centre is split into four areas […]

Heather Scott’s Trip Of A Lifetime Volunteering With Parrots In Costa Rica

Heather’s Background Heather Scott has worked with the Parrots at the Butterfly House in Sheffield for 5 years. On 2nd February 2015 she is going on the adventure of a lifetime to Costa Rica to volunteer with the Parrots at the Ara Project. Heather has kindly written this blog for us, talking about what she’ll be doing on […]