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About ZuPreem

About ZuPreem

Posted by ZuPreem Parrot Food, Zu Preem Parrot Treats, Real Rewards, Complete Parrot Food, Parrot Diet, Parrot Nutrition on 24/1/2024

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ZuPreem’s history spans back more than 40 years through 3 generations. The Morris family’s continual commitment to bettering the lives of animals through proper nutrition is now as ever the driving force behind the success of ZuPreem.

Having already developed Hill’s Prescription Diets, to include reducing diets, diets to treat urinary tract disease and later formulating Science Diet products for the prevention of nutritional-related diseases in healthy cats and dogs, the development of the ZuPreem brand came through the need for better nutrition for zoo animals.


From this discovery came the beginnings of the ZuPreem line of products for animals kept in captivity that today includes complete diets for companion birds.

ZuPreem’s complete diets are available in a number of different sized pellets, suitable for birds from Lovebirds and Cockatiels to the largest Macaws and Cockatoos.

Natural flavoured diets from ZuPreem again are complete, balanced and nutritious and readily accepted by adult birds of all sizes. The crunchy oval or round nuggets have a natural tan colour. A great choice if you wish to feed your Parrot a more natural diet.

From fresh ground vegetables including carrots, celery, beets, watercress and spinach for an irresistible veggie flavour.

ZuPreem’s Natural diet for small birds is available in a 2.5lb bag or 20lb sack.

ZuPreem’s Natural diet for medium sized Parrots are available in a 3lb bag and 20lb sack.

ZuPreem Natural for Budgies is a 2.25lb bag.

Whilst ZuPreem's Natural diet for large Parrots are available in a 1.36kg (3lb) bag and a 9.07kg (20lb) sack.

Orchard Real Rewards are available for medium Parrots and large Parrots.

ZuPreem: Exceptional diets for your extraordinary companion.