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About ZooMed

About ZooMed

Posted by ZooMed Parrot and bird lamps, lights, stands and accessories, UV Lighting on 23/1/2024

When ZooMed began over three decades ago they initially only produced products for the reptile industry. They created the very first UVB lighting equipment for reptiles and this design is now the basis for reptile lighting across the world for zoos, vets and reptile owners.


ZooMed quickly developed and expanded their lighting range to include lamps for fish, amphibians and of course companion birds and Parrots.

These products ensure that your Parrot gets the regular levels of UVA and UVB light that they require every day. Parrots need UV light in order to synthesise Vitamin D3 in their skin or through a special process in their preening gland. Vitamin D3 is used by your Parrot to produce calcium, which they then use to produce eggs and build strong bones.

UV also improves your bird’s psychological health, by helping to reduce destructive behaviours like feather plucking.

Unlike humans, Parrots can see UV light and without it they are deprived of seeing the full colour spectrum. Let your Parrot see their life in full colour by buying your bird a UV light.

Bird Lights

The Compact UV Bird Lamp emits similar levels of UV to natural sunlight. The screw fitting makes it easy to install in your bird’s cage. The 26 watt bulb is strong and emits UV for approximately six months. It also has a special UV transmitting quartz glass.

Bird Stands

The Deluxe UV Floor Lamp Stand for Parrots helps you get maximum benefit from the Compact Screw Fitting Bulb.

It’s fully adjustable, making it easy for you to position the lamp over your bird’s cage.

The improved “gooseneck” lets your Parrot receive optimum amounts of UV and experience all its benefits.

You can buy stand and lamp together as a kit too.

ZooMed: Advanced UV lighting, lamps and stands for Parrots.