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About The Royal (Dick) School Of Veterinary Studies

About The Royal (Dick) School Of Veterinary Studies

Posted by School of Veterinary Studies, Veterinary College in Edinburgh on 23/1/2024

Find out about the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

In 1818 William Dick was awarded a diploma in veterinary science by the London Veterinary College. After returning to Edinburgh he set about promoting veterinary education in Scotland. After years of perseverance in 1823 he was rewarded and he became the first lecturer in veterinary subjects. The years that followed saw him build and create a major veterinary college.


Since his death in 1866, the veterinary college that William Dick created continued to grow and is now part of a world class research & development, veterinary education and clinical practice centre at the University of Edinburgh.

In 2002 the Veterinary School became part of the Medical School. An enormous amount of research is undertaking every year by many of the world’s leading people in their field at the Roslin Foundation. They work to continually push the boundaries of science and knowledge to improve the facilities and service available for animal health and welfare including those for our avian friends.

Backed up by this world leading research, the latest technology and outstanding facilities is a team of outstanding veterinary surgeons in the Exotic Animal and Wildlife Service. Led and created by Anna Meredith in 1992, the team now consists of nine staff (including five vets).

Amongst Anna’s team of dedicated vets is Kevin Eatwell, an experienced and highly qualified veterinarian. Kevin is a keen aviculturist and has kept and cared for birds since the age of 12. He regularly writes a column for the Cage & Aviary Bird magazine and is always on hand to advise the UK Budgerigar Society.


It probably shouldn’t need saying, but the range of services provided by The Dick Vet Veterinary Services includes on site hospitalisation with dedicated wards to accommodate different animal species ensuring your pet has a quiet stress free environment. Parrots and Parakeets are housed in separate rooms and are provided with a familiar diet and toys. UV lighting is used to stimulate natural behaviour.

Anaesthesia is carefully handled and monitored throughout your pets visit, backed up by round the clock monitoring. With a team highly experienced in anaesthetising exotic animals, they provide a tailor made plan as per each individual patients requirements. Critical and Intensive care departments provide the extra time and expertise required so your pet sees a speedy recovery.

Diagnostic imaging, using state of the art facilities is available including radiography (x rays), ultrasonography, fluoroscopy (moving x rays), computerised tomography (3D x rays) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). All these techniques allow for non invasive approaches to investigate medical and surgical cases.

Endoscopy examinations, with the investment of high quality endoscopic equipment the Dick Vet Veterinary Services can easily compliment other imaging techniques to gain a fuller picture to evaluate your pets’ medical or surgical needs. The development of key-hole surgery also available on site. This allows surgery via small incision reducing any associated discomfort, as well as waiting time and recovery times.

There’s a fully equipped theatre with highly specialised equipment necessary for exotic animal surgery – only the best is good enough.

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Whether you’re near or far from the City of Edinburgh, The Dick Vet Veterinary Services are here to help. They are happy to accept referrals from a vet near you or first opinion appointments for more local clients.

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