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About The Parrot Society

About The Parrot Society

Posted by Parrot Society on 15/5/2024

The Parrot Society


Phone: 01442 872245


Address: Audley House,

Northbridge Road,





The Parrot Society was founded in 1966. Two hundred members founded the organisation and then in January 1967 the first Parrot Society magazine was published. The magazine has been published monthly ever since.

In 1975, the Society became a registered charity. Their mission statement is to provide help and advice to members and non-members on the welfare and conservation of all Parrot species.

The Society’s first website went online in 1999. Then in 2012 Bird Scene, a four times a year free 48-page on-line magazine, was launched promoting this conservation projects and the birds that attend The National Exhibition each October.

Anyone can contact the Society at any time for help or advice.


The Parrot Society founded Parrot Awareness Week. This weeklong programme of events celebrates different areas of Parrot care in the weeks leading up to the annual Think Parrots Show.

The Society hold The Help Bird Keepers Show, Summer Show and National Exhibition.


Anyone can become a member of The Parrot Society.

The annual subscription is £28 to be a member for the year. All members receive discounted prices on Parrot Society outings, copies of the print magazine, early entry to shows and more.

For more information on the Society, please visit their website